Robot laser tag

[Shay] and his friend built some battling robots for a school project. Instead of destroying each other’s robots with saws or torches, they are playing laser tag. Each robot sports an eeePC, a laser pointer on a movable arm, and some photoresistors. The goal is to get your laser to hit the other robot’s photoresistor to lower its health towards a kill. A server keeps track of the bout, monitoring shot fired because you won’t find unlimited ammo in this game. As for piloting the rig, the netbook webcam is streamed to a control station with an Xbox 360 controller for motion, aiming, and firing. Check it out after the break.


  1. poiso says:

    effing awesome machine!

  2. Amos says:

    Given the fact that it’s a robot with a cool glowing red “eye,” it really should be written in Android ;)

  3. Marco says:

    Nice- now add some AI so the robots can hunt each other.

    @Amos: You are thinking of “Motorola Droid” (HAL9000 thingie), not “Android” (cute green guy).

  4. Patrick says:

    Please repost sans teeny bop music.

  5. ChalkBored says:

    There’s no dialog in the video, so just hit the mute button.

  6. Osgeld says:

    cool project for kids


    really? if I strap a laser pointer and a laptop to a RC car can I call it a robot too?

  7. zool says:

    this is similar to a project i suggested you could do with those spy TRAKR cars

    maybe they should just use those rather than sitting a laptop on a cart

    wonder why they didn’t just show it playing the game and not just goofing around

  8. gregman_1 says:

    @osgeld-for once, I totally agree with you. Robot-like? Yes. Robot potential? You betcha. Robot? No more so than the RC tanks you can buy on thinkgeek.

  9. Shynet says:

    Hello guys and thank you for your comments (I’m Shay), I actually did posted a video about the robot
    battle itself, just check out the Youtube channel.
    It has 2 more videos showing the robot in a battle and being motion controlled using the Nokia N95 accelerometer.

  10. BuRn says:

    LOL @ stolen CS sounds :D

  11. Nought says:

    What would be awesome is adding some augmented reality so that the ‘robots’ can blow up on the computer screen, have a name tag above them etc.

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    The volume control, IT DOES NOTHING!!

    Oh wait…there we go.


  13. fartface says:

    Not a new idea, we were doing this in 1993. Granted we did it with chips and processors not cheating by using a freaking laptop.

    I built 2 using 6809 processors, some logic and a pair of H bridges.

    The school had black wall to floor borders so simple CDS cells worked well as wall detectors. indstead of “lasers” we shot encoded IR beams collimated with a simple IR led+brass tube and a lens.

    Less than 900 lines of code in assembly to avoid walls, search for the other robot (both bots had led beacons) and attempt to get close enough to kill. After a kill the other bot became the hunter and the other became the prey until a time limit was triggered then both go into hunter mode.

    and I stole my design out of a old BYTE magazine as a base and modified from there. Gotta love the days when you blew a eeprom to program your computer/bot

  14. Punkysfan says:

    If they polish up that robot they cood easily take that to a toy company. Their software looks really awesome.

  15. Jeff says:

    Red Eye=Hal 9000

  16. VascoP says:

    Really awesome project, looks like a fun end product too!

  17. s says:


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