Arduino, RFID, and you

[Matt] has mixed up a batch of two RFID reading door lock systems. While the “door lock” part of the setup has yet to come into existence, the “RFID reading” section is up and running. By using the Parallax RFID readers (for cheap, remember?) and an Arduino, [Matt] is able to parse an RFID tag, look its number up in a database, and then have a computer announce “Access Denied” in a creamy “Douglas Adam’s sliding door of Hitchiker’s Guide” kind of way with Python.

Good books aside, catch a not as exciting as you’re thinking video after the jump.

13 thoughts on “Arduino, RFID, and you

  1. I always thought “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying” only applied to High School football. Seems to apply everywhere I look, though.

  2. why does he have to pass the cards in front of the reader twice to get I response? the ones at work either beep or turn red on the first card pass.

  3. Just finished installing… looks fun. I bet I can mess around with this…
    and @walt
    Keep in mind this reader cost eight bucks, industrial readers are built quite differently, better, etc

  4. sorry but i just raided all radioshack stores for there RFID goodness and ended up with ten of them in the south houston area

  5. I raided all the RS along 7th ave in Manhatten in August. Scored 5 for less that $50. They are damn useful for doors, beer kegs, anything else where you want some sort of authentication.

  6. doing a similar project I saw on instructables
    for our hackerspace door entry, right now it writes cards to eeprom but eventually it will talk to a SQL db and tweet to twitter when someone arrives

    just ran down to local radio shack and found the RFID reader he used:
    RFID Sensor Module w/ 2 tags ($8.47) item# 2760032

  7. man, people at RS were so surprised when that “$50″ reader was $10…. also one cashier had to ask me what the heck it was…

    This will probably be the last time I will be in a radio shack.

  8. Good to people are putting them to good use. I’ve picked up 2 more over my travels.

    One project in my head is a ripoff from something I read elsewhere. RFID key in a photoframe coaster that has a picture of a CD album on it. Swipe album, play mp3s.

    The parallax RFID reader is pretty peppy when it reads. It will continuously pass the ID to the computer. He may not have his code set up to wait between reads, which is why it grants or denys access several times in a row.

  9. I like this project but I don’t have a Mac for the audio so I modified the python script a little so it will work for windows without needing flite.

    If any 1 is interested I will upload the files to megaupload(
    This will use 2 .bat files and a small program called sounder thanks to Eli Fulkerson at
    In rfid just edit sounder.bat & sounder2.bat
    to your file. Double click sounder.exe for syntax for the .bat file
    Note: this will only work with wave audio files

    I will also provide source code and Visual Basic 6.0
    It is needed and provided as well.

    If any1 needs to contat me u can reach me on skype my slype name is catchra.

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