Chumby takes its first steps

nice screen image, though I doubt he'll ever catch us at that speed.

[Eric Gregory] has gone a bit mad scientist on the Chumby, turning it into a bipedal bot. We expected all kinds of cool chumby hacking, but we can’t say we saw this one coming. [Eric] points out that with a 454Mhz processor, 64MB of RAM, 2GB of expandable storage and a USB host port, the Chumby is more than capable as a robotics platform.  With the addition of a mysterious and soon to be announced sensor board, he has made this chumby into a walking biped. While anyone who can write programs for linux, or even write flash applications can create software for the chumby, [Eric] chose to port the Robot Vision Toolkit over. This opens the doors to people who can write in Basic or who have written for the C64 or Apple][. You can see a video of this guy in action after the break.

[via bunnie’s blog]

14 thoughts on “Chumby takes its first steps

  1. Skynet is adapting to basic human technologies.

    We’re all doomed…

    Cat’s reaction: “Meh, we already own you”

  2. that might be an overall design issue. It think it seems a bit top heavy and the leg design are a limitation of the way it’s walking.

  3. Wow coding in C64 language, I may have to get one of these and mess around and bring some games back to life. Hard Hat Mac portable sounds about right.

  4. I like it!

    I have a small collection of photos of my late cat Bart all taken with or from robots.

    Impressive work with the Chumby!

  5. ah man, I thought it was going to have that face like the bad robocop in robocop2. NOW that would kick ass! Added point for its sound effects. “Mowerrrroooo OOOOWWWwwwoorrererer”

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