Pumping Station: One takes on the machine

Part one and Part two of Hackerspace Pumping Station: One taking on the Scion challenge are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. The team at Pumping Station: One built a Tron themed bicycle that when setup properly, would churn ice cream that turned your urine neon in about 6 minutes by using dry ice and ethyl alcohol. Besides sounding not so tasty, and having a multitude of problems along the way, the project turned out the be a success. The question becomes, does it stand up to the last Hackerspace, NYC Resistor, who made a drink mixing slot machine? And how will both fair against the up and coming Musical Building by Crash Space?

[Thanks Deven]


  1. Grammar Nazi says:

    *”fare”, not “fair”

  2. zool says:


  3. Digital says:

    well played sir, well played

  4. they will, for sure.

  5. MS3FGX says:

    Well, I might have to agree with his sentiments on this one. This is throughly unimpressive in about every way imaginable.

    I don’t see how the build took as long as it did, or how it could have cost anywhere near $3000. Perhaps more importantly, this doesn’t even seem like it qualifies for the challenge, as the bike itself is not any different than a normal bicycle (except it is now very, very ugly), the only thing they really did was make a simple little platform that takes the rotation of the wheel and mixes the ice cream (oh, and that broke the first time they used it too).

    To even compare this to the drink-mixing slot machine from NYC Resistor is insulting.

  6. Jaku says:

    I was actually there for that… went to solder some stuff and got to taste the ice cream. It actually wasn’t that bad.

  7. d01 says:

    Unimaginative , unimpressive , poor cooperation between members (i wanted that fatty who kept swearing like every 2 seconds to be dead) and let’s be honest it didn’t even work.

    Personally i didn’t think that NYC’s stuff was impressive to begin with , but compared to this thing it’s godlike.

  8. youjelly says:

    MS3FGX have you started any cool projects lately?

  9. Matt says:

    I think you guys are forgetting. This was done in a 3 week time span. Ordering parts means about a week of last time. Which gives you 2 weeks to prototype / assemble.

    These projects are pretty damned impressive across the board for the time requirements.

    And the miracle of video editing really fails to convey the cost to people. Most folks have day jobs and family / friends / what have you.

    Here’s a the time lapse of the NYCR build:

    People worked long and hard to make that thing. I personally love PS:One’s project. I think they had some rough spots, but that’s why this competition is fun. It’s difficult!

  10. d3c4f says:

    I for one thought it was a cool project. Sure it broke at the end, but it was such a minor thing that broke. A little more engineering and you have a portable ice cream maker.

    Pretty sweet if you ask me. ;)

  11. MB says:

    ice cream is SWEET!! i finally get a joke on the fist try

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