Single-motor walker for Santa-Pede Challenge inspiration

This LEGO hexapod uses just one motor for motion. In the video after the break you can see that what [Valetnin Bauer] accomplished is almost magical, using just 210 parts. A central drive shaft uses worm gears to transfer motion to each of the legs. The limb mounting technique results in a sort of rowing motion that closely mimics what you’d expect to see from a biological hexapod.

We thought this might provide some inspiration for the Buy Break Build: Santa-pede challenge. Sure, using LEGO is a lot easier than reusing Santa parts. But a lot can be accomplished with a little creativity. Another point of inspiration might be this one-motor walker that should be a snap to adapt to the challenge. Better get going, just twenty days let until the project deadline!

[via Tinkernology]

11 thoughts on “Single-motor walker for Santa-Pede Challenge inspiration

  1. Yes, using gears to distribute and redirect motion from a single mechanical source is magical.

    Or at least, it was when the ancient Greeks were playing with them.

  2. Perhaps if he could drop it into reverse he could use that to switch some gears around and allow it to turn still using one motor.

  3. This is what i like to call an “elegant design”, well done!

    If you were to use a universal joint to separate the 3 leg pairs, you could put in a servo to bend the whole body. This would allow it to turn because the walking force vectors would no longer be in a straight line. This method would also keep the drive as one motor with a consistent drive offset.

    I made something like that 10 years ago with 4 legs, and a LOT more hot glue.

  4. I agree with fluidic.

    If it was done before by someone else it can’t possibly be magical or deserve to be revisited for any reason.


    Being a douche predates civilization itself, so don’t bother doing it. -it’s been done.

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