Building a wooden Vespa

vespa hack mod wood

Scooter fans should start sharpening their chisels if they want to undertake this project. This Vespa is the work of a master carpenter and a lot of time. Through the build log photos you can see that it all started with a frame made by bending and laminating wood layers together. Veneer adds the stylish stripe and a lot of carving and turning brings the curves associated with the classic scooters. Even the hand grips, brake handles, and saddle are made out of wood. There’s springs for some shock absorption but we’d bet you don’t want to ride this for too long, or park it outside. Now it just needs an electric motor retrofit.

[Thanks Blair]

19 thoughts on “Building a wooden Vespa

  1. Wow, this is amazing. Really impressive. There is only 1 problem though- he is going to park this outside? On the street? That would not go so well here in Berkeley.

  2. @CMJ, from the handful of build pictures it looks like he may have passed his skills on to his daughter at least. If nothing else, she’s got the most stylish scooter in Portugal.

  3. You soldering iron jockeys need to get out more. Sure, it’s very nice work – but master wood workers are certainly not in limited or dwindling supply.

  4. Most impressive. Such skills are passed on fairly regularly at colleges here in the UK, but unfortunately it’s falling out of fashion to have a manual skill.

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