Nixie tubes live in a cool box

This set of four Nixie tubes display the number of people following bildr on Twitter. That’s neat; it uses an Arduino and some open source driver boards. But what caught out eye is the enclosure. The image above shows only half, but when assembled it’s a nice little cube that keeps the insides safe. This was laser cut using the Ponoko service and kicks off a design contest. Come up with the best idea for using 4 Nixies, their drivers, and $50 worth of Ponoko’s services and they’ll give you the materials to make it happen.


  1. metropolis says:

    Cool stuff! Now let’s all follow him so he has to add another digit…

  2. Alex Rossie says:

    Lets get this guy 10k followers…

  3. zool says:

    i like the case but im wondering why he didn’t just use arduinix

  4. jeditalian says:

    lol i was gonna suggest we surpass 9999 to find out what happens

  5. Eirinn says:

    @jeditalian but that’s over nine t….ah fck it.

  6. Jeff says:

    Great use of laser cut parts to make a solid block of a case.

    Please post his twitter handle here so it’ll be easier to get him to 10000!

  7. looks lovely!

  8. Adam Meyer says:

    @bildr <– twitter handle

    @zool, I tried to use the arduinix but they never responded to my emails and all the kits were sold out.

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