Hack a Day Classifieds

Announcing Hack a Day Classifieds! Buy, sell, trade your tools and junk with other Hack a Day readers.

Quite often, we get emails or comments with people asking “do you want this piece of junk?” or “Would you sell that thing?”. We usually just push them off on craigslist, but we realize that it can be hard to find our specific flavor of stuff in craigslist. Who posts a half smashed tube radio on there?

Our answer is to give you guys the Hack a Day Classifieds. We know it isn’t perfect, but we wanted to supply this service to hackers. Feel free to post what you’ve got. Think of it like a little mini craigslist, just for us. It should be fully functional and ready to go, but who knows what issues we’ll see when you all start going there. Please be patient and understanding with us.

42 thoughts on “Hack a Day Classifieds

  1. Great idea, wrong implementation.

    I believe the Hack-A-Day community would benefit much more from a user forum that would have a classified section as well as several other sections that would help further the cause of the great projects that we see here (except those reposts of Instructables.com projects #FAIL)


  2. I agree with Muncy – forum works better.
    Having said that, I’m not really sure HAD could keep control of the inevitable spam problems.

  3. Would be useful to add a ‘location’ field. Being able to search for stuff within a certain area would also be awesome.

    Useful for estimating postage, knowing if something is close-enough to pick up, etc.

    And how about ‘quantities’? For example, if some has several of something, is selling parts from their CNC, etc.

  4. Seconding the location field. Maybe add it to the user profile as a field and pick it up automatically in the listing from there (so the user doesn’t have to type it in every time).

  5. Ohh and just a side thought… what about having a free section? Things that perhaps someone has no use for, but someone else would like? You know, “One man’s junk is another’s treasure” sort of deal. Plus! Donating stuff is always great for that warm fuzzy feeling they get for doing something good!? :)

  6. ABOUT TIME! The only addition needed in the classifieds section is possibly a request board for parts or finished projects. Then it would be perfect.

  7. this is awesome. I’ve been needing to get rid of some junk, and its not like i can take a bunch of bare circuit boards to a pawn shop. (maybe Pawn Stars or American Pickers lol).

    haku gave me an idea, you could also add a field for “Services” where people could offer the use of their CNC/Laser cutter/Makerbot

  8. Hey guys,
    Even tough I live in Brazil, I just loved the idea.
    If there is a way, I will maybe buy something :)
    Nice initiative.
    See ya.

  9. This is brilliant. I have actually thought about suggesting this to you many times.

    If this had existed when I left Fargo, I’d have had a truckload of stuff to list.

    Cheers! Thanks!

  10. Nice! I definitely have some stuff lying around that I wouldn’t mind trading for hard currency. Hmm… I ordered a lot of 10 Russian VFD tubes (you know, like the one in the Adafruit ice-tube clock). I’m only really ever gonna use two or three, and this sounds like a great place to find loving homes for the rest of them :)

  11. I like this idea, and can see it being pretty cool. Right now tho there’s only a few things up there, but over time this could be pretty cool.

  12. Pretty useless with a location field and filter, as Haku pointed out. We are not all in the US. And oversea shipping is expensive for sensitive equipment.

  13. The concept of classifieds is great and has potential to go big but you have to work on the layout. To hard to read for a visual person. I think many hackers are explorers not readers. Use ebay as a template since people are familiar with the format.

  14. Definitely agree with the ideas above: Location field (or just more in general), Services section, and some kind of split or indicator for Free/Trade/Sale items.

    What I’ll personally do is actually list the cost to ship things, so I’ll be putting a lot of things up in the USPS flat rate box. That way weight isn’t an issue and people know what they’re getting themselves into for price.

    Now, to list a ton of stuff!

  15. I had been working on a site to do this, and one more thing. Assume I have a list of items sitting around the house I’d just love to turn in to something, anything… Why not build something like a recipe database where I can put in a list of “ingredients”, and see what I am closest to being able to build. This would be even more powerful if it could draw from the database you are creating to help “flesh out” what I’m missing. If you include an API someone could eventually write software that takes ingredients and tries to build stuff out of them. The community could then rate the items that are “built.” The software could then learn what is an effective hack and what isn’t. There are lots of ideas here, and I’d love to work with people on any of them.

  16. Good idea, nice work, however the ads on it right now seem a little, well, commercial. Has spamming already begun?
    Furthermore, you need a small space between each advert, they’re all a bit too bunched up looking. I’m guessing its a straightforward HTML table list pulled from a DB. So just add a between ads!

  17. heh heh the comments system ripped out my tags –
    angle bracket TR close angle bracket angle bracket P close angle bracket angle bracket close TR close angle bracket!

  18. Great idea guys! ive been following the site for years and love this idea, i just put my ad up last night and already have a ton of interest!

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