How to be a dinosaur for Christmas

Well, this metal suit might not make you a dinosaur, but it would be perfectly possible for you to play one on your computer. Retailing on eBay for a mere $2,397.99 OBO (plus Freight for a 350 pound box), this device was made and used for the motion capture of Ugobe’s Pleo Robot. With the right external components (no word on what those are), it would be perfectly possible to get this suit up an going back on Motion Capture as all the onboard electronics are included. This setup would be perfect for anyone planning an animated dinosaur movie that needs some reference movements, or for any mad scientist engineer who needs a control rig for a 40 story robotic dino of death. The possibilities are endless!

[eBay via Engadget]


  1. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    Why hello there giant ad for something that hasn’t sold on ebay for months and months.

  2. Haku says:

    That’s one expensive motion capture setup without the extra hardware/software needed to get it running, surely a green lycra bodysuit, some ping-pong balls and IR cameras (or Kinect boxes) would be cheaper?

  3. Squirrel says:

    and that guy is wearing a life jacket why?

  4. re: Squirrell says:

    The guy is probably wearing the jacket for padding.

  5. anon says:

    Ebay: Last updated on 11:36:32 AM PST, Feb 01, 2010


  6. Nomad says:

    The guy is wearing the jacket because it’s part of the rig…you just have to look at the pictures ;)

  7. I think I speak for everyone when I say:

    Holy crap, ow, my back.

  8. Necromant says:

    So that’s just a bunch of potentiometers and wires on a frame? For this price they could have stuffed to be a full-blown exoskeleton. and for 55$ mor epaint it in iron-man style and pop in a bunch of leds.

  9. Jok3r098 says:

    want one!

  10. Hackius says:

    Let’s be fair with all that aluminium it’s not 55$. Aluminium is up to 7$/kg these days so it’s probably closer to 200$

  11. colsolare says:

    I’d rather this be in the style of an AT-AT

  12. Aero says:

    That looks like fun for your back.

  13. Chris says:

    @Aero: I always thought Pleo moved like something in pain, now we know why!

  14. ColinB says:

    FOR SALE! Ridiculously overpriced metal frame with position encoders mounted.

  15. bud says:

    so $100 in materials. no encoders (used potentiometers), bulky, highly limited movement, no capture device or softwhere included

    oh but it was probably used at some point to develop a toy totally worth the $2,397.99

  16. David says:

    Frankly we’re a little bit surprised that no one realizes that this is a handmade piece of R&D from a prolific living inventor. It’s a collector’s item with a story.

  17. mick says:

    @ David you fail to realize this is hackaday. where EVERYTHING is a handmade piece of r&d made by a prolific living inventor AND %90 of the readers here can hand make a piece of r&d and are prolific living inventors. nothing new here. perhaps if it had motors and was a working exoskeleton it would be awesome but as it sites right now, its more or less a unfinished high school project. you have a REALLY cool store though and if it was close to where i lived it would prolly become a second home

  18. Olivier says:

    @mick: if you check David’s website, you can see he’s the owner of this “thing”. That’s why he tries to sell it to us, but that won’t work.

  19. strider_mt2k says:

    +1 mick

  20. David says:

    In all reality we put in our local “museum” display with other many formerly high tech relics months ago and were just as surprised as anyone that websites pitched it as a gift idea, although it would be awesome for the right person. It also has a local pertinence because Mr. Chung lives here and is active in our community. One would be kidding themselves if they thought they even came close to his level of success. I realize that HackaDay is a community of peers that are all very skilled and talented, but let’s not get carried away.

  21. David says:

    …but if anyone does buy it, don’t get in it. The reason for the strained smile is dually because trying to paw around in a circle caused a ridiculous amount of thigh burn, and the warehouse guys were all trying to find pieces of stainless steel that they could haze me with if they caught me in a prone position. The front paw is up because I was trying to see if I could punch them if they rushed me..

  22. frustro says:

    Considering that this was probably produced in the era of SCSI 120 and ZIP drives and a GB of data was still over $400, the technology isn’t bad for a homebrew project.

    Cant wait till everyone laughs at you for once buying a CD.

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