Versaloon can program hardware from several manufacturers

Versaloon is an open source, USB connected project, that centers around an STM32 processor and provides a standard JTAG pinout. Above you see the Nano version which has a 10-pin JTAG connector, but there is also a 20-pin option on the Handy model. Great, another JTAG programmer. Well this can do a bit more than that. With a bit of help from the software it has been turned into a programmer for ten different types of hardware. Obviously this should be able to program anything that works with the JTAG protocol, but the script adapts it to work as an In System (or In Circuit) Programmer too. So far the list of programming targets includes STM32, LPC1000, LPC900, STM8, AR8, MSP430, and a few others.

We had some trouble finding an actual picture of this hardware. If you’ve got one, snap a picture and leave a link to it in the comments along with your thoughts on the device.

[Thanks Geekabit]


  1. andrew says:

    What’s an AR8?

  2. elektronisk says:


  3. Paul says:

    I’m sure they meant ARM8.

    Sounds cool and all but I’d like to see an actual unit before seriously considering buying one.

  4. Rob says:

    Meant to be ARM8? IDK

  5. darker111 says:

    I think it’s a type fault if you go to the site you se it means AVR8 (avr 8-bit micro-controller)

  6. bogdan says:

    It should read ‘AVR8′, meaning it can program 8 bit AVRs.
    Seems like a nice toy and able to program lots of devices.

  7. bogdan says:

    Btw, to the people making this device:
    -a schematic in a standard image format should be great
    -a picture of the real thing…

  8. cantido says:

    It doesn’t seem to have any level conversion/buffering except for some in-series resistors between the JTAG port and the MCU.. how does it handle targets of different voltages?

    If you just want to play with ARM targets get a J-Link clone off of ebay or get one of the FTDI based dongles (however much people say these are cheap, I’ve never seen one “cheap”, not in comparison to a j-link clone anyhoo) and use it with OpenOCD. I think OpenOCD can be used with some Atmel targets now too?

  9. PhilipG says:

    Can this program altera cpld’s??????I dont know much about them but I have one and cant find a 2×5 pin connector scematic online for it

  10. kenny m says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that someone whipped up a 10 pin jtag using one of these, since the the STm8s discovery board has a stm32 on the programmer board with a 6 pin jtag.

  11. sys says:

    Nice device. Especially interresting if it works using OpenOCD.

  12. NickV says:

    I have one of these, but I don’t have it handy to get a photo of it. It is a nice little JTAG programmer and debugger and it is supported by OpenOCD. I use it to program my STM32 boards from futurlec.

  13. GWDeveloper says:

    Here’s a link that has a picture of a Versaloon Mini. It goes through setup of FreeRTOS using Eclipse with GCC and OpenOCD. Uses a Versaloon for programming. The hardware pic is about halfway down the page.

  14. Bingo says:

    I just finished converting the embedded JTAG on STM32VL , to use Versaloon SWD.



  15. Chamunks says:

    I just want something that will let me debrick my wrt54g v4, I have no legacy ports on any of my rigs so the jtag via the Printer Port wont work.

  16. Hacker says:

    “Versaloon can program hardware from several manufacturers”


    Major cell phone manufacturers have agreed to use a standardized power supply adapter. Why this solution is not used in other electronic fields? I have many JTAG adapters and still there are boards that need dedicated JTAG interface.

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