Classic game emulation on the Dockstar

[Hunter Davis] is playing games like Contra, Monkey Island, and Quake 3 by running them on a Seagate Dockstar. We were shocked after seeing how well these run in the video after the break. [Hunter], who used the ZipIt for game emulation in the past, added a couple of hardware peripherals to get everything running. For sound he picked up an inexpensive USB sound card which was no problem to get up and running. Next he picked up a USB to DVI adapter and fired up the Linux USB DisplayLink driver. With the peripherals running he loaded up Fluxbox and the rest was history. Not bad for a small network storage adapter.

[Thanks Kris]


  1. CutThroughStuffGuy says:
  2. oler says:

    beagleboard does the job

  3. CutThroughStuffGuy says:

    Can you run ubuntu on beagleboard?

  4. anon says:

    yea – but the beagleboard costs more $$$

    the usb2vga can be found with rebates at around $30 – if u r lucky

  5. chronbit says:

    Great, now run XBMC or BOXEE.

  6. strider_mt2k says:

    Oh Troll Rat…

    Seriously though, wow that’s one cool hack.
    Well done!

  7. anon says:

    FYI – the rebate on the DisplayLink adapter that can be used on the dockstar expires tomorrow!!!


    I have two dockstars one from bensoutlet at $25 had the 256 meg nand and another from tigerdirect that at $30 had the 512 meg nand ; there are two different models of the dockstar a B & C version B has more nand ; but it’s really just luck which one you get

  8. So this is seriously awesome, except that guy sucks at Contra. He must be younger than me :(

  9. n0ne says:

    Could I connect displaylink adapter to android phone (usb host mode) and use external screen with higher resolution than native android res?

  10. Osgeld says:

    I suck at contra too, and I was a kid during that era (though I did not have a NES, maybe that is why)

  11. dudeguy says:

    I’m sure he doesn’t suck at Contra as he was playing with 1 hand. I don’t imagine that’s such an easy task. This is a pretty sweet hack.

  12. Jimbo says:

    There’s been a lot more like this worked on over at the Dockstar hacking forums. Peter Gunn’s worked on a way to get the Picture Frame LCD keychains (previously featured on Hack a Day, even) to work as a general purpose monitor, complete with curses support. No longer limited to using LCD4Linux now. He added DisplayLink support to his program so now getting video on the dockstar with his application is no longer limited to the 128×128 resolution keychains. He also had to do a few things to get audio working smoothly on the Dockstar, but the bulk of the work has already been done and figured out thanks to the folks over here:

    Canadian versions of the Dockstar (no difference except french on the box and a B instead of A in the model number) are showing up on the net now for about $30. All of them seem to be Rev C with the 256MB Nand. So there’s still a chance to get one (or some) on the cheap.

  13. qwerty says:

    Well done. I wonder if the dockstar can display HD movies too, the CPU should allow it. Now just add an additional digital TV USB stick, some software here and there and we have a cheap small media box that could also download torrents to watch them later!

    Any pointers to a cheap source for the dockstar in europe?

  14. GZ says:

    I’m loving my dockstars. Lots of power for 4 watts. I’m going to have to hunt around for 256MB versions. 128MB works but it’s a little tight.

    Oh at the android guy, yeah google it, people have done it.

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