“Ask an engineer” live streams at Adafruit

I [Caleb], finally had a chance to catch one of the live chat sessions over at Adafruit.com called “Ask an engineer“. I was pleasantly surprised. Though the show is only an hour long, the amount of information covered was quite amazing. They started out, announcing a new, this really cool looking touch screen system, product and going over the tech specs. This very quickly turned into a question and answer session about how to utilize and modify the device. [Limor], aka [ladyada] was extremely knowledgeable and [rossum], the designer who made it even showed up in the chat to fill in the rare gap. After that, there was a general question and answer period where people were firing off questions so fast I couldn’t watch them all and still follow her answers. It was a lot of fun and quite frankly felt way too short.

Be sure to check it out on Saturday night at 10:00 P.M. ET


  1. Pedro says:

    [Limur], aka [ladyada]

    aka Limor Fried.

  2. zing says:

    [Limor], not [Limur]

  3. JohnBailey says:

    It’s the stripy tail that causes the confusion…

    Kidding. I watch the show every week. Always interesting

  4. walt says:

    gonna have to ask what’s with the fruit?

  5. Matt says:

    Love it.
    Just wish I could interface with external goodies a little more easily.

    For example, 1 pin available as a chip select for the SPI bus would make this thing irresistible to me right this moment.

  6. MoJo says:

    I wish they would do one at a more suitable time for Europeans

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