Drop F-bombs into a magic 8-ball

People in search of something profane to adorn their coffee table need look no further. [Wizgirl's] magic 8-ball hack lets you change the messages inside, and her messages all include the most powerful of four-letter-words. To do so she completely replaced the message cube inside with one she built from a sheet of plastic, plastic label-maker labels for messages, and craft googly eyes to make it float… Brilliant.

The whole thing was reassembled along with the original fluid but she’s not done yet. A bit of creative case modifications leaves this magic 8-ball looking like a cartoon bomb, complete with a thick white fuse. She’s now the proud owner of a magic f-bomb.

[Thanks Osgeld]


  1. arfink says:


  2. walt says:

    instructables BOOOOOO!!!!
    it’s funny that the pic is censored. who can’t handle seeing the word FUCK?

  3. sqnewton says:

    Lame. Why does she think that always adding the F-word is funny? Plus, instructables suck!

  4. David says:

    Have to disagree with sqnewton. In this case, adding the F-word is, in my opinion, funny. Also, instructables is great for step by step tutorials.

    Like I say, just my opinion!

  5. tyco says:

    One could put together their own answer die (of considerably more faces) using a 3D printer, though it would have to be hollow so that it would float.
    If the desired phrases were depressions in the die, and the die were made of black ABS, rubbing a white crayon (or a candle in a pinch) onto the surface of the die would fill the depressions with white wax, making the letters stand out.

    One would probably want to drop into the die, during manufacture, anything that is sealed with air inside (like the googly eyes used in this hack), just so that if the 3D printer doesn’t completely seal the air to the inside of the die, it would still be okay.

    Maybe I’ll borrow this idea to make a motorcycle-themed one for my own parents.

  6. localroger says:

    Most of the commercial 3D printing vendors require that shapes be hollow so that inert support material can be removed after the part is printed.

  7. walt says:

    David’s opinion BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    jk :)

  8. Whatnot says:

    “Instructables is Hiring! Java Developer, Sales, Editor & Interns”
    You hear that mubarak? Jumpstart your new-ish career! ;)

    It’s a joke dammit, shaddap

  9. Lolrus says:

    I dont think the f-bomb is the most powerful four letter word. Theres on that starts with C.

  10. Drone says:

    Another F**king Instructable (sound of head bashing against monitor). Why why why?

  11. Mar says:
  12. mjrippe says:


    Best one yet, nice work!

  13. @mjrippe Thanks, I’m glad you think so. It’s a little old news though:


    I’m planning to do a kit someday to make it easier. So far I’m having a problem with one of the sealants clouding the blue goo. At first I thought it was the Tooldip I used to seal the screen PCB, but after a few weeks of testing I believe its probably the silicon RTV I put on EVERYTHING to keep it from leaking…

    I think then my next step is to revise the blue good container to use a gasket.

    Then I still have the problem with the wires. I’m tempted to inductivly couple power in and submerge the whole thing.

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