A Briefing on Integrated Circuits

Although technology is constantly racing to faster / smaller / more, so many of the fundamentals of how it is made remains similar, if not the same. This interesting 30 minute video clip [thanks to The Computer History Museum] was made in 1967 by Fairchild Semiconductor as a briefing on integrated circuits, and shows the different steps to produce ICs including:

Design, making the photo masks, manufacturing the silicon ingots, preparing the wafers, building of the circuit and its components (like transistors, resistors, and capacitors), testing, and final packaging. Add in some other cool items of interest such as a 1960’s pick n place machine, wave soldering, an automatic wirewrap machine, and toss in some retro computer action and it’s surely a video worth watching, with something for everyone.

So join us after the break, kick back and enjoy the show!


  1. Andrew Downey says:

    a automatic wirewrap machine


    Awesome post though, loved the technology

  2. xMob says:

    Looks like something from a Dharma training video. ;o)

  3. Andrew says:

    Didn’t mean to call in the grammar police, just caught my eye as the wire wrap machine came on, which was awesome by the way

  4. Yossarian says:

    Neat. The video although dated is still chock full of tidbits of information.

  5. Awesomenesser says:

    Did anyone else notice the Social Security Number (23:18). I guess they didn’t have many issues with stolen identities back then.

  6. Doublet says:

    And his salary isn’t that high too.

  7. brainzilla says:

    Yeah this rocks!
    Fairchild invented most of our modern technology as it seems :-)

    By the way: Some parts of this were used in “Podfather” – a documentary on Robert Noyce – a founder of Intel and mentor of Steve Jobs… You should download that!

    Btw: Was the music in this video made by Raymond Scott? Sounds a LOT like it was!

  8. zool says:

    nice, very informative

  9. Matt says:

    Well done ! Still fundamental to what we all work with. Ignoring the PC CPUs this still covers most ICs and discreet devices we use on a daily basis.
    I work with SMT printers and this is relevant to 90% of the devices “placed” on your average phone or other board.

  10. Jac Goudsmit says:

    Integrated circuits? That you need a factory for, to make? That’ll never catch on! :-)

  11. hoola says:

    @Doublet you are not taking inflation & purchasing power into account. $750 of 1967 is around 5k today. See for yourself:


  12. Kuhltwo says:

    This is like a trip down memory lane.

  13. Ivan says:


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