Shotgun blast lights up your controller

[Jrfhoutx] makes gaming in the dark a bit easier with this backlight shotgun shell d-pad for an Xbox 360 controller. He’s building on another tutorial he posted showing how to use the brass base of a shotgun shell to replace the stock plastic direction pad. That hack uses most of the original plastic part, cutting it down a bit and capping it off with the shell base. But now he’s detailing the process used to add LEDs around the base. He picked surface mount 0603 packages which are first chained together, then held in place using hot glue. While you’re in there, give this rapid-fire mod a try as well.


  1. Gdogg says:

    ahh! stop linking that shitty rapid fire mod! It doesn’t work for any controllers manufactured after 2008.

  2. Gdogg says:

    Hell, if you want a good rapid fire mod, don’t be lazy and just take a look at the sticky in xbox-scene:

  3. Erik-UK says:

    you could buy shotgun shell d-pads on ebay really cheap at least 2 years ago. nothing new here.

  4. BitMage says:

    Did anyone else see that he used bullet casings for the A,B,X,Y buttons?

  5. mad_max says:

    @BitMage HOLY CRAP I didn’t even notice that. That makes it like 2x better.

  6. vectoralpha says:

    Completely retarded to use live rounds….., go shooting, and use spent ones…., or better yet, put a few bullet holes in the controller while you’re at it.

  7. Sterling says:

    Awesome, but did anyone notice that the primer on the shotgun shell is still live? Methinks this may cause a problem if the controller is thrown down in anger in just the right way.

  8. Sterling says:

    After reading the origional shotgun mod, I realized that he removed the primer charge without firing the shell. Excelent work.

  9. jrfhoutx says:

    Yes, I use live 12 gauge rounds. No, it is not as dangerous as you think. No, the primer is no longer active therefore poses no danger (when the shell is disassembled all the primer charge is removed as well), the un-fired primer just looks much nicer on the 12 gauge shells than one that has been fired… The entire shell is disassembled and all powder is removed. It is not ‘retarded’ to use live rounds, modern ammunition is quite safe, in fact using live rounds makes it far easier to modify them (believe me I have made quite a few of these). Once you fire the round the plastic that surrounds the primer melts and hardens. This makes it far more difficult to remove than the soft plastic that it is before firing the round. Don’t believe me? Make a few of your own using live and spent shells and you’ll see.

    to see how the D-Pad is actually made see this link:,35905.0.html

  10. Gdogg says:

    Ah and look at the tags. shotgun_shell but not mods or console?.
    Lrn2!B a noob

  11. Drew says:

    How comfortable are the the buttons and dpad to use? The mods look hella sweet though

  12. Jake says:

    Wow. Dumbest idea ever. Take off the nice ergonomic buttons, and replace them with something that will hurt your fingers after using it for a little while.

    How the hell does this make sense? Is this just to look at, but not use???

  13. jrfhoutx says:

    They are very comfortable, and when pressed they feel and function just as stock ones do. I have used the 12Ga D-Pad and 9mm ABXY buttons for extended multi-hour gaming sessions(up to 24 hours at a time, yes I do have a life, but you know how it is when you get engrossed in a new game) and have not noticed much if any difference from the stock buttons.

  14. Gdogg says:

    And the stock D-pad was horrible, it’s not like you could make it worse..

  15. RBRat3 says:

    I’ll have to agree with you, The D-Pad on the original and 360 were all shit. I haven’t come across a 360 controller when you press up it will slap the right or left sometimes. Just navigating the dashboard was a pain in the ass with the D-Pad. As for the ABXY, metal wears down too and will eventually conform to his fingers since the casing is soft metal.

  16. Alex says:

    Nice mod, jrfhoutx, and welcome to hackaday. Sorry most of the people here are whining douchebags. It’s nothing to do with your particular hack, it’s just the culture here.

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