Chroma – Mesmerizing LED driven fractal display

chroma in action

A big fan of generative art, [Andrew Magill] wanted to build an LED display for his wall that constantly displayed images from the Electric Sheep project.  After discounting the possibility of generating these fractals on the fly, he settled on using prerecorded video clips gathered over a year’s time by Electric Sheep users.  With thousands of video clips in hand, he wrote some custom software that enabled him to sequence these 5-second video clips into just over 6 hours of video, which he later downsampled to fit his 24×16 pixel display.

Now that he had some impressive video put together, [Andrew] began designing the LED panels he would use to show off his creation.  After choosing TI TLC5947 drivers to control the LED arrays, he got to work on designing the PCBs, soldering in all of the components, and testing the displays.  Initial testing completed, he wrote some more custom software to direct the individual LED boards from a master controller, and mounted everything in a frosted-glass adorned picture frame.

Be sure to check out mesmerizing video of Chroma in action after the break.

[via flickr]


  1. Drake says:

    Hrm. The video seems to be just the assembly . . . missing a video maybe?

  2. ferdinand says:

    thats the wronge video
    this is soldering video

  3. zemnmez says:
  4. Jordan says:
  5. Jordan says:

    Nope, sorry.


  6. Jordan says:

    yes. I *so* am wishing I could edit comments….

  7. dext3r says:

    cool project and i enjoyed reading the writeup — it looks great!

  8. fdawg4l says:

    Pretty cool and a neat exercise. But I wonder how much more/less work it would be to recycle a laptop LCD display and play the actual fractal video. One could remove the CCFL and replace it with some bright white LEDs and leave it on forever. A PIC for FB and keep the rest of the system to decode the video.

  9. MattE says:

    Beautiful, nice work!

  10. WeAreMany says:

    It is strange to see sheep so defused

  11. Nathan says:

    Good write up on the build, thanks.

  12. AO says:

    Great project and nice build!

  13. Ferm says:

    Beautiful results!!! Reminds me of a few late 70s sci-fi movies ive seen

  14. Brennan says:

    Wowza, this is amazing, and a really good write-up to boot. I love Electric Sheep and having one of these on the wall would be fantastic.

  15. Whatnot says:

    You can achieve the same effect by zooming a camera on a highway and focusing out.

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