Fowl accommodations provided by mathematics

[Anthony's] chickens happily return to roost each night thanks to the spacious house he built for them. Sadly the geodesic dome never became the home of the future despite what the people were promised. But using a bit of unorthodox joinery you can create enclosures for your chickens or other animals in need of shelter.

The construction begins with 30 isosceles triangles and nine equilateral triangles which he cut from solid wood on a chop saw. To join the pieces he used metal banding and screws, which hold the edges close together but allow them to flex. This solved the problem of precision mitres at the edge of each wood piece. Once the dome was fully assembled he filled the joints with caulk and finished it with rubber roofing compound.

Our only question is: how’s he going to automate the door of the coop?


  1. Moggie100 says:

    ‘Coop’ darnit…

  2. BadWolf says:

    where’s the hack in that?

    you might as well feature people making gazebos now..

  3. Revolver says:


    I always wanted to make a geodesic comfy chair. Similar to the Eero Aarnio bubble chairs. Do you think the metal joints would be sturdy enough to support a 90 kilo meatbag? Losing weight is not an option. ;)

  4. JC says:

    Well I thought it was cool…

  5. Sage says:

    Why is the first post on any new article ‘Wow I can’t believe hack a day is putting THIS up now?’

    Get. Over. Yourselves.

  6. magnavoid says:

    seriously? how is that remotely a hack at all? yeah sure its kinda cool, if you’re into that kind of thing…

  7. WeAreMany says:

    Not to take away from what Anthony has done. The article was enjoyable and what he has made is a great build. The use of the materials for the joints was creative. I would like to see an 2ndary modification to this buildup from the original design. Then I would consider that a Hack.

    I would like to See a Temp probe or Coyote proximity alarms :D

  8. M says:

    Neat project enclosure!

  9. Wes says:

    Let’s just hope the chickens don’t stage a “coup.”

  10. HackJack says:

    A looks more like an alien abduction taking place.

    Very cool though.

  11. Hirudinea says:

    Was this build by Chrysler?

  12. Drackar says:

    Item one…It doesn’t matter how roomy a hen house is. The hens will always try to roost anywhere else, at least occasionally.

    Secondly…the removable lid is a great design…the low roof will help keep it warmer in the winter, and yet makes it easier to get at the eggs.

  13. o says:

    Gazebo A Day.

  14. strider_mt2k says:

    Shut up.

    It’s geodesic.
    Haters make Bucky cry.

  15. IanB says:

    Ramp is too big – not fox proof – needs to be a single thin stick with unevenly spaced rungs across

  16. echodelta says:

    A coupe de deauxdec. Look at old Dr Who episodes for door details, also B grade sci-fy. Dwino powered of course. Where are the ladies?

  17. nimitzbrood says:

    @WeAreMany – I like what he’s done so far but you’re right in that something like a 1-wire temp unit or other sensors would add a lot.

    I think I’ve figured out how to automate the door. Put a piece of u-channel on the right side, put a triangle door on a single pin/bolt on the left side, then use either a motorized cable or worm gear in the u-channel to rotate the door closed.

    The u-channel keeps the door from flopping around and holds it from both inside force (chickens trying to get out) and outside force (beasts trying to get in).

  18. bty says:

    very nice result and interesting build log.

    some resume, the guys has a biomedical doctorate and a masters in CS.

  19. Rob says:

    I will hopefully be raising chickens soon, this and an automated door will make happy chickens!

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