RGB “Tilty cube”

[Ben's] introduction to microcontrollers was this fun little gift he calls the “tilty cube”. It is an acrylic box with 3 LEDs mounted inside that changes color based off of how you tilt it. Sounds like a fun toy, and a good project to learn with. [Ben] chose the PIC12F615 as the brains and laid it all out on a perfboard.  Since this was his first microcontroller experience he had to learn how to blink the LEDs, then figure out PWM etc. Though there is no video of the project in its finished state, since it was given away as a gift, we assume he figured it out pretty well.  He does state that the LEDs are dimmer than he had hoped and offers some thoughts on how he would do the entire project better next time.


  1. Some perv says:

    Totaly ready that as titty cube

  2. dmcbeing says:

    Much better than the typical led “Hello World”.
    @Some Perv:Same Here :D

  3. Thopter says:

    Third for misreading the title.

  4. cero_absoluto says:

    My disappointment at the lack of a titty cube has led me to ponder my next project.

  5. cde says:

    Legend of Zelda, Red Green Blue Cube puzzles. That’s what this needs to be.

  6. Brennan says:

    Is there a video anywhere? I’m interested to see how smooth the color changes are and how complex the algo is. The way I would do it is use each axis of a 3-axis tilt sensor to adjust the R/G/B PWM values. So tilting along the X axis would change the R value, etc.

  7. 1337 says:

    i was thinking it was injected with silicon or something.

  8. Colin says:

    Also misread the title. Can someone please make a titty cube?

  9. Dielectric says:

    Compiz Desktop Cube + pr0n = titty cube. QED.

  10. mess_maker says:

    damn… I wish I’d read it as titty cube. :( I am getting old.

  11. asheets says:

    This is right up their with Sean Connery’s “Penis Mightier”.

  12. I had this idea the other day… nice first project!

  13. lilozzy says:

    Hey, I’m the guy who put this together. Sorry about calling it a Til(t)ty cube. The algorithm is just that, each axis controls a different color. The colors change rather smoothly, it’s a cool effect, but I never made a video before I gave it away, so you’d be hard pressed to find one.

  14. xmd says:

    Heh. nice work. I hacked a low-fi version of this together a year or so ago with 3 mercury tilt switches, an RGB LED and a few resistors.
    Awesome first micro project.

  15. tauntaun_rider says:

    One thing I like about this site is how often a post will inspire others in the following days that are improved versions of the original post, or “this is how that should have been done”. Totally waiting for follow-ups here.

  16. knuckles904 says:

    Glad to see im not the only one who misread the title

  17. jim says:

    …where as a luddite like myself would use reed switches and a few resistors, and maybe a 555 timer for good measure.

  18. Marvin says:

    Hey! This would be an cool effect for LED juggling balls!

  19. ibanex says:

    I read tity cube :-)

  20. Scott says:

    I keep looking for a Titty project on HAD, and this is the closest I’ve seen!

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