Eyelid shutter glasses: fake but still a hack

If you’ve been keeping up with our featured stories this year you’ll remember the post about using your own eyelids as 3D shutter glasses. Throngs of commenters called this one as fake and they were right. But we still enjoyed the experience… it’s more fun to be trolled when the trolls are skilled and idea is original. The perpetrators have released a follow-up video that shows how it was done. It’s not just an electronic trinket and some acting. There’s well executed post-production which maps out the area around this gentleman’s eyes and edits in the rhythmic blinking that made the farce somewhat believable. Check it out after the break.

How it was done:

The original video:

[Thanks unaB]


  1. Phil says:

    I was so sure that it is a fake video. Your muscls will never be able to move so fast.(Relax and brace).

  2. Krusty says:

    That’s excellent work :)

  3. Connor says:

    I enjoyed this when it did the rounds, and it’s nice to see them showing their cards in a follow-up video. Now that it’s behind us, would anyone like to speculate on whether it could actually be done for real? This is a hack blog so I don’t think we need to discuss whether it SHOULD be done; we all know it shouldn’t, but we’d all do it anyway if we could figure out how.

  4. Dino says:

    Not impressed…

  5. Archy Bunka says:

    @Dino: Just as well that I’m not impressed with your post either.

  6. While you can blink that fast (I think that blinking takes about 1/100 seconds) it’s definitely not good for the muscle to do so repeatedly as it’s not what the muscle has evolved to do. I’m rather relieved honestly, your blinking reflex getting messed up can result in permanent vision damage due to eyeball surface scraping or lack of lubrication.

  7. Daniel Sousa says:

    That was a joke … Here in Brazil the video was viewed on a TV show “Detective virtual” … ehehehehehehe …

    http://fantastico.globo.com/Jornalismo/FANT/0,, MUL1648930-15607-227, 00.html

    Isso foi uma brincadeira… Aqui no Brasil o vídeo foi visto em um programa de TV “Detetive virtual”… eheheheheh…


  8. Temo says:

    How about we make the product now… and worry about the side effects later…

    Imagine… Glasses-FREE 3D…

  9. MrX says:

    Crap! I guess I was trolled after all :(

  10. fdsfdsf says:

    Should this work with two camera windows (or propellers cycling in the opposite phases) near every eye?

  11. Volfram says:

    fdsfdsf: given that’s basically what 3D shutter glasses do, your answer is “yes.”

    be careful with the propellers, though, that could be more dangerous short-term than electrodes that overdrive your blink muscles.

  12. tooth says:

    Nintendo has glasses free 3d. Its in a handheld but still glasses free (3DS). I think iv seen a video of how it works some where on the nets.

  13. Bob says:

    I still think it’s real. Have you considered that maybe the explanation video is CGI?

  14. C. Kent says:

    Has no one even questioned why General Zod would be pursuing this technology?

  15. aWes0m3 says:


    It uses a stereoscopic screen. Basically, it’s like those little holographic images that when looked at one way, you see one image, but change the viewing angle and it’s a different image.

    It functions similarly on the 3DS, however the screen is viewed at the parallax of your vision so it shows the same image from slightly different angles and each eye only sees one image.

  16. Drew says:

    Nice attempt at damage control.

    …But I really don’t get how special effects are a hack.

  17. xanonx says:

    I still think it’s real. Have you considered that maybe you’re still in a dream and that you’ve been waking up every day in your dream wishing that you didn’t have to wear those damn 3D glasses every time you go to a movie? So your mind created these glasses-free 3D devices, but then you began to question if this is really possible, and your mind decided to make this movie explaining the CGI used? Then you wake up in disappointment to find yourself strapped to a bed next to the first scientist to develop 4D entertainment, Jonathan Post. You recognize his face from your dreams, and all you can say is “how?” He smiles and winks at you as he stabs another mind numbing needle into your neck…

  18. Frogz says:

    hehe so many people reading this thinking
    “i knew it”
    how many of us now are thinking of ways of REALLY doing it?
    mythbusters tend to bust myths
    but they also go through the trouble of replicating the results!
    btw, human eyes can blink at roughly 15 FPS
    There are currently (2011) three main frame rate standards in the TV and movie-making business: 24p, 25p, and 30p. However there are many variations on these as well as newer emerging standards.
    movies in theaters are what, 28.something frames a second? lets push our eyes to the limit and see what can REALLY be done!

  19. anti-fanboi says:

    @ the “I still think it’s real” (s)

    Wanna buy some Religion?

  20. Wes says:

    To the “I knew it” crowd: Yeah, we pretty much all did, and took it as the joke that it was intended to be.

  21. Grovenstien says:

    Wow who said special effects are not a hack? Most of the special effects industry is built on the premise of hacking. Starwars, come on plastic washing up bottles that made you believe they were part of the rebel fleet!

  22. walt says:

    I feel soooo damn entertained. fake hacks that waste our time BOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  23. Ekaj says:

    How is it that some people still think this may be real????

    This was OBVIOUSLY a hoax. Human muscles can not respond at these speeds. This isn’t just medical fact, it’s common sense. Come on, people! Back to real life!!!

  24. Brennan says:

    To all of you who are asking for a debunk video or a demonstration of really trying to do this, it was done over a month ago. Not surprisingly it doesn’t work. Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaF5WEbWehU

  25. ZeUs says:

    So.. Hack a Day posts a complete hoax pretending it to be real. Actually beleaving it to be real.

    Then later, in a follow up post they say: “Well guys, wasn’t it fun beleaving it was real?”. To me it seems they’re not ashamed of posting something so clearly fake. I’m actually kind of mad about the lack of journalism involved here.

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