A hot topic in the gadget world right now is the Sony Ericsson XperiaPlay phone, and while that is not our usual cup of tea, when we see the newest toy stripped down to its bits n pieces it piques our interest.

This 8 page teardown of the XperiaPlay (google translated to english) takes you though all the steps needed to dismantle your new joy. Every screw, clip, header and connector, each in order so you can get it back together again.

As the carnage progresses time is taken to point out some of the parts of the phone. From the mundane like I/O jacks, to the more interesting like the Synaptics touch pad driver that are handling the “analog” sticks, the Cypress multi-touch controller for the screen, and of course, the brains.

(thanks Frogz)


  1. brian says:

    #corrections pique not peak


  2. Rob says:

    Stfu all of you… We have to save this guy; Sony’s gonna get him! Start donating now! :oD

  3. kabukicho2001 said, says:

    what processor & ram is it inside xperia?

  4. DeciusX says:

    ARM 11 Qualcomm MSM7200A 528 MHz with 256-MHz ARM9 2nd core, hardware 3D graphics support with up to 4 million 3D triangles per second, and 133 million 3D

    I think it has 256Mb of ram, the wiki page was unclear what type of ram exactly.

    The NGP has better specs, which of course it should.

  5. DecX says:

    CPU: ARM 11 Qualcomm MSM7200A 528 MHz w/ 256-MHz ARM9 2nd core
    RAM: 256Mb

    last comment didn’t send?

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      @at all re: grammar,
      it is me who deletes the threads on grammar. We do fix some of the issues as well. This isn’t a grammar blog and people don’t come here to read it. I’m just keeping the threads uncluttered and on topic. Relax a little bit and enjoy some hacks.

  6. gcat122 says:

    I know this can be a stretch, and I am far from fault free in my spelling and grammer, but think a second. The words we cyberscribble, even if just comments, are read by future employers, future technical assistents and peers. We do ourselves and others a disservice when we use wrong words/spelling/grammer and let it pass without comment. Do we really want to set the example that being correct is optional or inconsequential? Do you trust the tech knowledge expressed when the simple english is mangled? I say speak up but be nice. Flag it as non-personal. Be tolerant of English as a second language. Finally,(not really) be aware that the writer, and the readers, have been seeing poor examples (uncorrected) for their entire life. Set a good example and be supportive or plan on living with the errors forever.
    Keep up the good work. Support HAD and encourage betterment of all.

  7. PocketBrain says:

    Soooo…. anybody else thinking “N-Gage?”

  8. TheRatatat says:

    Apparently some hack a’ day’ers don’t like the ‘hacking’ of the English language

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