Bathroom mirror HUD displays time and weather


By and large, the standard household mirror is one item that has not made much real progress over the years. They hang on the wall reflecting light, and that’s about it.

A few years back, some students studying in the Department of Interaction Design at Chalmers University sought to enhance their morning routine with an interactive mirror. Their project was constructed using a two-way mirror with several Arduino-driven LED displays embedded behind the glass. Once a hand is swiped past the pair of embedded light dependent resistors, the display is activated. Subsequent hand swipes trigger the mirror to toggle between the different modes, providing the user with the current time, weather information as well as a toothbrush timer.

The project writeup is quite thorough, including plenty of source code and information on some of the components they used. You can take a look at their work here (PDF).

Check out the interactive mirror we featured that served as inspiration for their project.

[Thanks Emil]


  1. mike says:

    thats pretty cool

    i bet you can attach it to a scale on the floor to show your weight.

  2. ss says:

    ..and Photoshop your image in the morning if you look to terrible ;)

  3. Mr_Bishop says:

    Dear god I love it! Great build, I agree with mike a scale would really be a neat addon to the system, assuming they own the house/home they could surely mount the scale in the floor so it goes unseen.

  4. anon says:

    Very nice, I could see that going to market some day.

  5. b1rdm4n says:

    I would love to have this in every bathroom in my house! Wonderful idea! In some bathrooms the LEDs maybe need to be a bit brighter, maybe fade up when its lighter, and fade lower when lights are out?

  6. caleb says:

    how about a system for the toilet that can weigh your stool, and give you the tempurature of your urine?

  7. Jack says:

    Caleb: It would sell pretty well in Germany I imagine. If you could get it to update twitter with that information you could be a millionaire.

  8. XiuiX says:

    I do say… Well done!

  9. paulsenior says:
  10. Kris Lee says:

    One more idea. Add some kind of the noise sensor and start a timer when toothbruch motor sound is detected. Play a gong and stop the timer when not done long enough. Play nice sound when done long enough.

    This will help people to brush their teeth long enough (did I say long enough? anyway, you do get the idea).

  11. Shining says:

    that’s great and all, but it would never be clean from your wet and dirty fingers all over it to do the swiping. perhaps a close proximity sensor would be more practical in real use.

  12. Abbott says:


    they use light sensors, not touch sensors. They are pretty much acting as proximity sensors.

  13. captain says:

    In the Iron Man movie, There is a display similar to this.

  14. zacdee316 says:

    I’m surprised this hasn’t been developed and sold by Apple or Microsoft yet.

  15. dineshkumar says:

    the i cannot see the document please fix it

  16. Magnus says:

    Haha really fun to see that my project made it all the way to hackaday :)

    And mike, attaching a scale is a really awesome idea. It could easily be hidden in perhaps a carpet infront of the mirror that you stand on when using the mirror.

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