Controlling fire with your mind (and your thumb)


[TechB] is using his mind to control fire. Well, what he’s really doing is using a Mindflex to control a lighter.

Many will remember the Mindflex from this shockingly awesome hack. But [TechB's] approach follows in the footsteps of this Arduino interface for the device. He’s using the Arduino Brain Library to read data from the head-mounted EEG and sending commands to his own fire control system. Said system is composed of a cigarette lighter and a servo motor. The motor connects to the gas regulator on the lighter, opening it up when you concentrate and closing it when your mind wanders. The result is a higher flame to show more organized brain function. The only problem with the prototype is the burns you’ll get on your thumb from depressing the lighter’s valve while trying to get your thoughts in order.

Check out the video after the break to see this in action. [TechB] is looking a bit like the Borg at the beginning of the clip, making us wonder what other Mindflex hacks he’s already performed.


  1. nafkin says:

    I tried this, and got virtually no consistent results with the Mindflex. :(

  2. Tech B. says:

    The MindFlex is kinda touchy. If the main sensor isn’t in the right spot, it will throw things off. Also, only about 50% of people can control it the way they want.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    @ Tech B.:

    Yeah I heard about that.

    Something about tiny microorganisms in your blood…

  4. Benatpc says:

    Cool project.

    I wonder what the 50% of people that can use it, actually think of to control it.

  5. Tech B. says:

    I usually do simple math or try and focus on the flame. Thinking about something erotic usually does the best though.

  6. kini42pela says:

    Does anyone have the arduino code that he used? I am interested in trying it out!

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