Domo Kun robot achieves balance sans gyroscope

Every time it tips over, the FSM kills a kitten

Most self-balancing robots use some sort of circuitry like gyroscopes or accelerometers to keep them upright. Some bots however, can achieve nearly the same effect by far less complicated means.

Meet the Domo Kun wobbly bot, created by [Chein]. The robot is essentially a pendulum, where the pivot point is even with the wheel axle. The base of the robot is loaded with batteries, motors, and weights, all of which keep the robot relatively steady while zooming about the room. A light balsa wood frame was fitted to the top of the metal chassis, and a thin cardboard Domo Kun shell was mounted on top of that. The robot is driven using the remote control circuitry that he stripped from a toy car. He also mentions that the positioning of the batteries and weights is key to getting the robot to balance and roll properly – something that took several attempts to get just right.

Now if he could only program it to autonomously chase kittens…

Be sure to check out the pair of videos we have below of the robot chassis in testing as well as the final product.

[via HackedGadgets]


  1. INquiRY says:

    It does not balance.

  2. brad says:

    the invisibility functionality at :49 was not mentioned in the writeup!

  3. bolke says:

    It achieves balance !!!
    Just like a car achives balance without gyro.

  4. Ben says:

    That’s nothing. My gyrocopter achieves stability during flight by actually being a helium balloon.

  5. Thopter says:

    So it’s basically a boxy weeble-wobble with wheels.

  6. Smokingman says:

    I think this is a great way to get back to basics. We all get wrapped up in doing things the hard way. Instead of spending time trying to get a robot to balance just build a balanced robot!

  7. Smokingman says:

    This is much better that the un-balanced robot I built. First it loved me, then it tried to kill me.

  8. Hirudinea says:


  9. JeremyC says:

    Ha, awesome build. Love the simplicity of it and the finish.

    Kind of reminds me of something I did recently, but mine did not have a “top piece”:

  10. echodelta says:

    This would make a great sidewalk advert menu etc.

  11. yepppers says:


  12. XiuiX says:

    DomoKUN!!!! I love it

  13. Thopter says:

    Now all that’s needed is for him to add two arms that swing counter to each other as it rolls.

  14. addidis says:

    This made me laugh pretty hard.

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