TI adds some Linux support for Evalbot – we’ve got hardware coupon codes for you!

In case you missed it, Texas Instruments sells a little robot called the Evalbot as a development platform for ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers. Since its release we’ve seen a few hacks on the hardware; the image above is a proof of concept for developing for the device under Linux. We have criticized TI in the past for not natively supporting Linux with their IDEs. We’re not sure how it will play out, but they have added new software package options to go along with the hardware. You’ll notice on their PR page that there is now an option to use CodeSourcery. It is a trial of the full version, but at least it is a step in the GNU direction from their previous offering.

The Hackaday team has been talking off and on with TI about the hardware. We’re happy to say that they’ve been listening to the Internet community about their likes and dislikes; following various online groups that have sprouted up to talk about Evalbot projects. It sounds like they’re thinking about hosting a contest using the hardware. So maybe you want to get your hands on one so that you can familiarize yourself and hit the ground running if/when that contest starts. You’re in luck, we can help save you a few bucks.

The first time that Texas Instruments tried out a $125-off coupon code the deal got away from them. It had been meant for attendees of the ESC Boston conference. They honored the deals that went through before the proverbial run-on-the-bank got shut down. This time around they’re using serialized deal codes to limit the number of give-aways. We’ve got 200 of them just waiting for our loyal readers to use. One code will let you purchase one Evalbot for just $25 (instead of $150).

Please take a moment to decide if you actually want (and will use) one of these robots, and decide if you are willing to shell out the $25 to order it. You see, we don’t want this deal going to waste. If you decide this is for you, send an email requesting a code to:We’re all out! We’ll dish out the deal on a first-emailed-first-served basis. We will update this post when all 200 have been claimed.

We will not tolerate anyone gaming the system and so we reserve the right to disqualify any email submission for any reason in an attempt to maintain some semblance of fairness. Also… if you’re planning to pick this up just to resell it for cash you’re a loser.

[update: Those who emailed us requesting a code should begin receiving replies this evening or tomorrow.]

[Update 2: here is the specific bot you should be trying to buy. ]


  1. biozz says:

    i have the evalbot thanks to your first cupon http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/065/d/6/owned_by_biozz-d3b2jtd.jpg

    it was easy to set up and get to work but it has no examples for the SD card or Ethernet libraries and im trying to learn them

  2. Ryan says:

    I got mine the first time around so I won’t send an email. It arrived shortly before I moved and I haven’t had time to dig it out of the boxes yet. Hopefully I’ll have some free time this summer when I get my workbench built to play with it.

  3. Robot says:

    This is exciting! Thank you HaD (and TI).

  4. ds2ktj says:

    I hope I get it. I’ve been looking into getting into a small robotics platform for a while. E-mail sent…time will tell.

  5. Ezra says:

    Sent my email in, still waiting for a code, this will be a fun thing to teach my son who likes robotics.

  6. Brad says:

    I’d like to give one of these things a look. Sent a coupon request as soon as I read the article.

  7. fungus says:

    i missed out last time, but hopefully i get a code today… that’s great you got these codes — it will be my first venture into robotics. appreciate it

  8. spectrem12 says:

    Just sent an email. Hope its not too late.

  9. mekou1 says:

    I pray to have one. Very exited to try running uclinux on this famous board

  10. Lucio says:

    I’m really curious if I can get it sent to Italy, I’ve mailed hackaday and now I’m waiting for a response :)

  11. rusty says:

    wish I had the cash…

  12. max says:

    Really hope their shipping to germany
    waiting for an answer. :)

  13. DarkAurora says:

    Dangit, I missed my chance by like a minute. Oh well, I hope the people here get some good use out of their bots!

  14. addidis says:

    Wow that was quick, Its great to see companies reaching out. Can’t wait to see the project explosion that should follow.

  15. Kruug says:

    My code covered the entire $150…anyone confirm?

  16. acidx says:

    @Kruug: Same here; even S&H was included.

  17. CutterJeff says:

    Just got coupon and placed order.

    Thank you, Hackaday. If I were going to have more children, I’d name one after you. Well, maybe not, because that’d be extra cruel to the child when they hit third grade, but you know how it is.

    Chose the IAR version, the forums say it’s easier to get running and I’ve messed with IAR some playing with the Launchpad.

  18. CutterJeff says:

    Confirm, Kruug.

  19. ecko says:

    I saw this in between clases and just had a chance to look at it and you are out of codes. I think/thought it would be a good starting platform for my college computer engineering club to get into robotics. is there a way to be informed if any more codes become available?

  20. fungus says:

    what is the difference between the versions?


    any insight would be helpful.. thanks

  21. fungus says:

    nevermind… got it…

  22. MuNk says:

    such a great deal…… and really wanted to get one :( oh well here is hoping this happens again at some point ^_^

  23. z says:

    If i was to offer to sell the one I had gotten on the first run for say… $75… would that be kosher? or would i be a douchebag?

  24. CutterJeff says:

    ecko : suggestion : drop TI a line and ask about a sample for your club. I joined “my.TI” a long while back, and if you’re not greedy, they’ll send sample chips. It being a club, you might be able convince them to do a tax deductable donation. Or, shucks, at $150 list price, a club of 10 people could chip in easily enough.

    Fungus: it looks like the difference is the software in the package.

  25. CH says:

    If you’re planning to then . Nice argument you got going there. Also, if you’re planning to us an Arduino to blink an LED, and post it on HaD, then you’re a cock-gremlin.

  26. CH says:

    last post at my tags. It should read:

    If you’re planning to TAG something we don’t want you to do /TAG then TAG insult /TAG.

  27. ecko says:

    @CutterJeff Thanks I will try that, we have 5 now and I think with projects like robotics more will want to join up and in

  28. z says:

    I would consider donating my evalbot if you can provide proof of this club and perhaps postage.

  29. Awe, missed the boat on this one. All sold out. Looks really cool for $25. @z, I think you know the answer to that one already.

  30. Matt says:

    @Kruug, CutterJeff – Me too, $0.00 w/ free S/H!

    Can’t wait to start exploring with Evalbot. Thank you HaD!

  31. z says:

    @Brett W, yeah.. I know.

    Which is why I am considering donating it to @ecko ‘s group.

  32. Jake says:

    I would love a little evalbot, I had never seen these guys before, 150 bucks seems reasonable, but 25 bucks… can’t be beat.

  33. ibedazzled says:

    confused about the versions too. can anyone explain?

  34. ecko says:

    @z do you have a way I can contact you through your website to find what information you would need for your verification?

  35. jordan says:

    rats, I wanted to get one of these last time but didn’t get through when their site slowed to a crawl. oh well, perhaps there’ll be coupons again soon

  36. RasmusB says:

    @Kruug confirmed here as well! :)

  37. Luke says:

    I got a code (thanks HaD!) but when I attempt to apply it on checkout I get “The coupon code you’ve entered does not apply to any of the products in your basket.” I have one EKB-UCOS3-EVM in my basket. Anyone else getting this?

  38. Adam says:

    Ordered mine! Sweet!

  39. addidis says:

    That was well played guys.

  40. Adam says:

    @Luke: I had the same problem. Apparently the older P/N that comes preloaded with the Micrium OS is not covered by this coupon.

    You want one of the other versions, such as P/N: EKI-EVALBOT which is the IAR version. It let me order that one. Link:


  41. bogdanm says:

    I sure hope I got one :)

  42. Chuckie says:

    It sure would have been nice to get one of these… if anyone wants to sell theirs for $30 plus shipping, lemme know.

  43. spectrem12 says:

    When did you guys run out?

  44. Luke says:

    @Adam Thanks! That link worked perfectly. Cheers to HaD and TI for this cool promo.

  45. Robotguy says:

    I got mine through a training seminar put on by Avnet, Micrium and TI. We were lucky enough to have Mike Phipps from Micrium there, so it was very informative.
    It looks like they have more seminars available in Phoenix, Dayton, Huntsville, Dallas and Cleveland. I’m not sure what you have to do to be a “qualified customer”, but if you buy through Avnet, definitely check it out.

  46. Scott Smith says:

    I got a code but I was unable to apply the code to an evalbot. “The coupon code you’ve entered does not apply to any of the products in your basket.” I have P/N EKB-UCOS3-EVM in my cart. There is another that comes with a book but based on your $25 cost (150-125), I did it right. Not sure if I have to wait or anything, but I thought I’d mention it.

  47. Andrew says:

    Please more “GNU direction” puns

  48. Gabe says:

    Can anyone else not get this to work? I got a code but no dice on TI’s website…

  49. Trey says:

    Thanks HaD! I was originally confused when I received the message, “The coupon code you’ve entered does not apply to any of the products in your basket,” but (thanks to Adam) successfully ordered the IAR version.

  50. Scott Smith says:

    Forget my comment above, I didn’t read all 40-something posts initially. I will note that mine came out free, not for $25.

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