Watch hacking, one day at a time


If there is one thing hackers return to time and time again, it is clock/watch hacking. There are always creative ways to tell time, and with several “hackable” wristwatches on the market, there is bound to be no shortage of neat timepiece hacks.

[hudson] from NYC Resistor has decided to take on a fun challenge for the next month revolving around his programmable inPulse watch. Over the upcoming 30 27 days, he will design, program, and publish a watch face for the timepiece. He already has 3 days behind him, and the results are pretty interesting. The concepts are creative and functional, though due to time constraints they sometimes end up a little less polished than he would like.

All of the code is available on his Bitbucket page if you have an inPulse watch and would like to play along or improve on his work.

We think it’s a pretty cool project, and we are eager to see what he produces each day. Stick around to see a quick video showing off one of his 3D watch faces.


  1. Paul says:

    Nice! I just got my inpulse last week; this is rad, thanks!

  2. g3cko says:

    This is pure awesome!
    I was looking for a watch the other day, but couldn’t make my mind… Well, this post made it an easy decision =)

    Thanks Had

  3. David says:

    Pretty, however there is a much more interesting if deliberately uninformative watch review/hack covered by the BBC etc :

  4. JCO says:

    Really cool watch. How ’bout a link for where to buy one?

  5. Andrew says:

    Haha! Time constraints!

  6. steaky says:

    sure the watch is cool, but the battery life is a bit of a dog… “aggressive power management it can be up to 3 days”

  7. bogdanm says:

    I wanted to get one of those, but the price and the fact that it has only a single button (really, what were they thinking?) made me reconsider. If I could only have that kind screen on a TI Chronos … THAT would be an awesome watch.

  8. DF417 says:

    The real question is, which way is the pot spinning?

  9. JCO says:

    @bogdanm – Yeah, if I had the cash lying around, I would definitely get one. Kind of a lot of cash though. A second button would be nice.

    As for the power, it’s too bad they couldn’t put in some sort of kinetic charging device.

  10. echodelta says:

    Battery life questions for sure. It’s nice to look at a clock that reflects the fact that there are 24 hours in a day, not that zeroless medieval crap of 12.

  11. Haku says:

    “Single button input”

    Wait, what?

    Is that some sort of joke? All that power in one tiny package and they only give you one button to control it? If I was putting down that kind of money for a hackable watch I’d want at least two buttons!

  12. Kabuki says:

    I recently bought my son one of the Realtech Spy Watches by Jakk’s Pacific, and was impressed by the power and functionality. I was thinking of picking one up for myself. I have done a few net searches, but have not found any evidence of anyone hacking these yet. Have any of you seen anything?

  13. @ Kabuki i know the watch your talking about and no i havent found any hacks for it yet

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