Hacker Typer lets you turn jibberish into useless code

We generated the screen full of code seen above literally by bashing a hand on the keyboard repeatedly like a monkey. You know, just like how hackers are portrayed in the movies? Hacker Typer makes you look like you know what you’re doing even though you’re too lazy to do something real. It’s a pointless website that’s none-the-less worth a few moments of your time just for the sake of amusement. You’ll be greeted with a set of options. The first lets you decide what pre-determined text will appear as you type. The rest are for page title, foreground and background colors, and number of characters that will appear with each keystroke.

The default features start off with three characters generated for each keystroke, another annoying staple of Hollywood film making. Oh well, even movies that try really hard to get things right end up getting under the skin of someone. Case in point, the Linux shell readout from Tron Legacy.

[via The Presurfer]


  1. xMob says:

    All it needs to complete it is the bleep boop beep sound affects. ;o)

  2. HackerK says:

    Nice.. ;)

  3. g-sichd says:

    very nice. could do that in fullscreen mode all day an feel important.

  4. Drake says:

    meh same code over and over. like to see it randomly generate code

  5. Doctroid says:

    Bug: It doesn’t strip out comments. What hacker would type in comments?

  6. voelker says:

    could take code from a randomly chosen linux kernel source file

  7. sc0rch3d says:

    they weren’t kidding about spending a few moments….i was grinning from ear to ear, but that faded just as quickly.

  8. mad_max says:

    This is GREAT.

  9. Mike says:

    Fun until you hit the first comment. I have never ever seen a hollywood hacker put comments in their code.

  10. Booker T. Worthington says:

    Awesome. This made my day.

  11. supershwa says:

    Too much hammering. Got an error:

    DB Error, overload!!!! Crap, system crashed :/

  12. fede.tft says:

    Hope you aren’t serious when talking about not commenting code. Anyone who has tried to read its *own* code a couple of years later knows what I mean.
    Also, comments can be fun http://stackoverflow.com/questions/184618/what-is-the-best-comment-in-source-code-you-have-ever-encountered

  13. Erik Johnson says:

    This brings back memories, I remember doing the same thing on the Apple II then QBasic again for DOS when I was learning BASIC

  14. crashsuit says:

    Wonder how long ’til we see this exact website used on CSI or Criminal Minds.

  15. ren_zokukne01 says:

    “perl, python, java 4th gen languages.. yey!! great for embedded!!”

  16. Hirudinea says:

    Makes me feel like a real hackerer!

  17. lamer says:

    just substitutes “anykey” with a bit of a predefined code…


  18. ren_zokukne01 says:

    no, i’m not confusing 3rd generation languages, with 4th gen like SQL

  19. earl says:

  20. sparks says:

    http://codetyper.tk/ has sound effects and some more (enter + tab key to find some easter eggs).

  21. Mathew Farrell says:

    So dumb question but is there anyway to save these web pages so they can be ran offline where internet will probably not be available? Thank you

  22. pyromaniac77 says:

    That “Useless Code” of yours is the Linux Kernel…

  23. Axad Saeed says:

    Hey i found a thing in it. After typing anytime press CTRL 3 times and it will prompt ACCESS DENIED. Press ESC to resume. After typing some more press ALT. It will prompt ACCESS GRANTED. Cool eh?

  24. Gideon says:

    okay i now have an idea of doing that

  25. Wamamamamamama says:

    Do get access granted you can type anything as long as you don’t repeat anything

  26. Lexii says:

    all i did was hit space and millions of boxes appered

  27. SoldRip says:

    Stop using Lexotanils :]

  28. CodeCube says:

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