Japanese maid mods a furby

This video has been floating around the web recently and we thought that some of you might enjoy it. After a quick google search, we found out that this is [Julie Watai], a singer/model who also enjoys hardware modification. In this video, she’s doing a tutorial on how to circuit bend furbies. No, we have no idea why she is dressed like a maid.  This immediately brought to mind that Bjork video we saw a few years ago. Enjoy.

49 thoughts on “Japanese maid mods a furby

  1. Wow, that Furby sure appeared to like her taking his covering off… can’t say that i blame him. Although after everything’s said and done, i could do the same effects with a furby… just throw it in a bucket of water and I bet it would sound the same.

  2. Why can’t there be more girls like her in the States? Beautiful and into electronics/hacking as opposed to watching the latest episode of “Jersey Shore.” Win-win.

  3. “Don’t ask why she’s wearing a maid’s uniform — it doesn’t really matter”
    It seems like Gizmodo doesn’t care about the maid at all.. They’ve lost a credit there.

  4. @Bob: Yeah… all the projects on here are made by women… Oh wait…

    @Pete: Congratulations on being a racist bastard. I hope it’s working out well for you.

  5. Guh. Will these things never die?

    Funny story. I went to school with Dave Hampton’s son. I had to put up with those damn things about a year before everyone else on the planet.

    I want them all to die. Horrible, evil, loathsome creatures.

  6. @Ivan
    Fashion? Not so much. It’s a fetish. The meido kissa’s in your link are shops that cater to the fetish.

  7. that furby talk no speak it sound like random noice to me
    and why she dont take out the batery first than take it apart.thats the 1e thing whit hacking take te power off

  8. Keep it clean boys, she is probably only 14. I know you are all sex starved, so maybe it’s time to move out of mom and dad’s basement.

    I kid ;-)

  9. it’s kind of cruelty show when she is peeling furby skin while it was on and it sound wheening, why don’t she turn it off before.

  10. Oh My. She skinned and eviscerated that little creature while it’s heart was still beating. Mind your manners around the girl boys. Toward the end I think I heard the furbby do a Woody Woodpecker laugh Sometimes it sounded like a radio tuning across the band quickly. The subtitles, ouch! no wonder why user manuals for made in Japan, are such treat to read.

  11. @Drone: That’s funny because the people writing the Adafruit blog most likely read this blog. their main income is resale anyways!

  12. despite being an interesting hack, it was quite lacking in details. The best description they gave was “I’m going to solder these electric wires to the pcb and these switches.” no explanation on any theory behind it.

  13. @MG Zowies! You’re right there. She’s obviously not a hacker, just some pretty thing going though the motions – tell me what hacker takes so much time to put a set of batteries it… you can almost see the cogs turning… flat end to the spring… flat end to the spring.

    @Anonymous No, I don’t believe she’s 14, I lived in Japan for a year, my girlfriend was 20, took me a long time to get use to the fact she was “much” older than she looked.
    Took six months for the rose coloured glasses to come off – I use to say it took me six months to see my first ugly Japanese woman.

  14. She looks like Sakuya, except with dark hair.

    Torturing a helpless Furby! Why would you do a thing like that?

  15. @KnightFire Lived in Korea for a year myself. 6 months sounds about right. I think asian facial features are so different that it takes us a while to see past the obvious differences. Mind you, I wasn’t upset with every korean woman I saw being beautiful.

  16. The chick is hot. And she can solder too. Kind of like Carie from mythbusters. Any chick that is hot and can use tools is my dream girl.

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