R/C Hexababy is guaranteed to give you nightmares


For this week’s hack, [Dino] was working on a mechanical cat toy, but the project fell apart towards the end for some reason or another. With time running out, he had to come up with something on pretty short notice, using whatever he happened to have on hand. Luckily he picks up some seriously weird stuff at the local thrift store and had a disembodied doll’s head kicking around for this last minute project.

Taking a cue from Toy Story’s [Sid Phillips], [Dino’s] doll’s head hexapod is as creepy as it is simple. He had a remote controlled hexapod from RadioShack sitting around, and thought it would be fun to combine it with the doll’s head. He replaced the dolls eyes with a handful of LEDs, which are green as the hexapod retreats, but glow a bright red as it advances towards you. The only way it could be any creepier is if [Dino] added a voice box that plaintively called for “mommy” as the doll crawls around!

It’s a relatively goofy project, but it gave us a good chuckle. The most disturbing highlight of the build is when [Dino] removes the doll’s eyes using a wood drill bit around the 6:00 mark.

If you’re looking to kill a few minutes, be sure to check it out – [Dino’s] work is entertaining as always.


  1. Roy Eltham says:

    Excellent Hack, sir! So simple, yet so cool.

    The drilling out of the eyes was especially awesome and creepy.

  2. Buzzles says:

    Oh blimey, that reminds me of the crawling head scence from John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982).

    Hmm. That’s given me an idea for a small project. Plenty of time until Halloween as well.

  3. andar_b says:

    Or the Toy Story hexababy (or was it an octababy?)

    And does he remind anyone else of Hugh Laurie with lighter hair?

  4. Oh man that is NASTY!!! :-) Enough to scare the hell out of kids, Halloween or otherwise.
    Imagine THIS thing leaping out of someone’s birthday present as they walk up to it and running round the room squealing like a banshee.

    Don’t forget to add a voice activated camera to record the expression of utter horror for posterity.

    (I am not responsible for loss of bodily function control or palpitations etc if someone tries this stunt on a person who is of a delicate disposition!)

  5. oodain says:

    i need a few dozen of these!

  6. neo says:

    That toys a ripoff of a jamius from youtube’s spidertank check him out JMEMantzel he is a master tinkerer!

  7. amiga65 says:

    Damn that things just plain creepy.

  8. andrew says:

    “Us toys can see everythinggggg!”

  9. t&p says:

    very toy story!
    This dude is so cool. I wish he was my dad.

  10. NishaKitty says:

    This guy needs his own tv show really.

  11. Colin says:

    that’s good old-fashioned nightmare material right there…cool though

  12. aley says:

    that gives nightmeres it loolk like chucey its not scery you peepol are crazzy omg

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