Announcing Hack a Day Themes

High Voltage Theme graphic

Starting next Monday we be adding some themed posts into the mix. Every couple of weeks we will pick a new theme. Our first theme will be about hacks and projects involving high voltage.   Each day we will have a new post based on the current theme. To make this happen though, we need your help.  If you have been working on something that involves high voltage or you know someone who has, hit us up on the tip line.  If you have a cool high-voltage project but haven’t posted it online yet, take a look at this link where we show you some options.


  1. Sounds very cool …. Do you take unfinished projects also? I have some small on the “Communication” theme, but it’s not finished yet due to the missing money in my pocket (saving money for a QRP transceiver to build myself. Actually it is the Solf from QRPproject (translation)

  2. Alex Holsgrove says:

    I’ve been watching this guy’s experiments on YouTube – he mainly destroys a lot of things under HT, but still worth watching

  3. phil says:

    i like the randomness of the current format… are the themed posts just in addition to the “regular” content?

  4. Yes. There should be one themed post per day. The rest will be just like normal.

  5. JOBGG says:

    WHAT? wow, my favorite things, high voltage and hack a day combined…sweet.

  6. default says:


  7. default says:

    This sounds like a good idea. And it’s starting off on a great topic! 1

  8. T0ast says:

    DANGER! DANGER! High Voltage!

  9. grenadier says:


  10. thefekete says:

    Some other ideas:

    Concrete shoes
    Done dirt cheap
    Ooo, neckties
    High voltage

  11. anonymitee says:

    Hm. As luck would have it, I’ve been reading up on building Tesla coils. Here’s a few related-topic sites I was given whilst looking for info on the topic.

  12. Willy says:

    Argh, pirate speak: “Monday we be adding” lol ;D

  13. Stevie says:

    Cool but I really hope its not going to be a whole week dedicated purely to just that topic. If it’s a topic I don’t like then I’ll leave for a week. If it happens twice, I’ll probably not come back again.

    And I’m sure i’m not the only person.

    I think we already saw what happened with the new comment rule BS. Hundreds of (likely fake) comments saying how good an idea it is blah blah by people we’ve never heard of and then pissed off all the regular loyal readers.

    And have we heard from those hundreds of users who said how good the change is and how they’ll now comment? No, we haven’t.

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      Read the article and comments before you stevie.
      These will be added to our usual content. This will not replace all of our normal stories.

      Also, we’ve heard from quite a few who usually don’t comment, both in email and in comments. Please try to not be so rude. Your speculation is simply incorrect and off topic.

  14. grenadier says:

    I’ll write a new guide tonight

  15. Malikaii says:


    Classic! And hilarious too!

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