Creating a voice controlled robotic arm


[Arthur] was laid up with a wrist injury, so he decided it would be a great time to hang out around the house and tinker with electronics, since most outdoor activities were out of the question. He picked up a robotic arm kit and assembled it to test out some code written for it that he found online. Since typing commands into a terminal was awfully cumbersome considering his injury, he figured he might as well construct a voice control system for the arm.

He documents his work in a three part series, covering the process from concept to completion. The first part centers around the creation of the vocabulary and grammar for the voice recognition system, along with the how the grammar model was trained using voice samples.

The second and third portions of his tutorial deal with the software’s decoding of his commands and the Python scripts used to translate those commands into something the robotic arm can process.

[Arthur’s] voice control system works pretty well as you can see in the video below, though he already has a wish list full of improvements he hopes to make in the near future.


  1. cooper says:

    You make me want to wish for an arm injury for 4 weeks so I can built this myself!

  2. psmay says:

    I don’t I’d get out of any chores if I could demonstrate that I was well enough to assemble a robot. :-) Pretty slick, though.

  3. Tweeks says:

    Hey Mike..
    Nice Job!

    You might want to employ the vi/vim command syntax of count + command. Such as “5 left” then “2 elbow down”. Much more efficient.


  4. rktokomak says:


  5. joe says:

    could you include the opticle sensor/s from a computer mouse to provide feedback from the motors.

    Either ball mouse choppers on the motor worm drives or in tension sewing thread attached to the limbs pulling graph paper past an opticle mouse sensor attached to the base unit.

  6. joe says:

    If you only energise one motor at a time the thread method could analyse all motor movements including grip using one mouse axis.

  7. joe says:

    Thereby with good software giving the cheap robot arm acurate pick and place capability.

  8. Shashank Patil says:


  9. Dennis says:

    Noisy Boy in the making?

  10. vvc says:

    Hi, great project !
    In our school we have a similar project to control every mechanical system with voice commands. Have a look on the video:

    As demonstration you can see a storage system which can be controlled with voice commands.
    Sorry the language is in German, but you can see the video on our homepage.
    Best regards from Stade, Germany

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