How To Record 3D Video in 3D

Legalities of doing something like this aside, this concept by [MadSci labs] gives some insight into how one would go about recording a 3D movie in 3D.  Probably many of you have wondered if this could be done, but they took it one step further and actually made a device capable of doing just that.

[MadSci labs] solution involved taking some 3D glasses home from a theater, cutting them to size, and taping them to a HTC EVO 3D phone.  Each lens piece was taped over a different camera lens to separate out the two 3D elements needed to produce a stereoscopic image. Their experiment was successful, however some loss of quality was experienced.  Because of this, we’re not expecting to see a lot of in-theater movies pirated this way, but given a more professional-quality build, you never know what will happen.

You can see the “results” of their experiment after the break. As it’s not in 3D, it should give you an idea of what is going on.


  1. ejonesss says:

    it wont be long before the movie industry sues over that.

  2. Ditto says:

    lol, I actually has this idea a couple of months ago when I was at the movie theatre and had my 3D camera with me. I didn’t do it but wondered if it would work, now I know it does

  3. anyone says:

    (yawn) does anybody really see the benefit of 3d movies? i mean, like does anybody really care about them?

    i have a bunch of 1080p bluerays on my server and that alone takes up ridiculous amounts of storage. is the added feature of 3d really worth the extra storage space/complexity?

    • everybody says:


    • psuedonymous says:

      Only when the stereography is done properly*. At the moment, the only title that comes to mind is Avatar.

      *Because stereography is HARD. Just taping two cameras together is not even close to cutting it.

    • Eirinn says:

      Yes it is.

      Also in a few years you’ll be yawning over UD definition which is 16x larger than HD.

      • anyone says:

        i guess you guys are right, everyone (about 10 people on the internet) is interested in 3D movies. well good for you. keep feeding the machine by getting a new tv every 3 years.

        give me an update for how that’s working out when i’m retired at 33 and you’re still trying to keep up with the joneses.

        • orenbeck says:


          Ok- do tell, what’s the “reason” you are so certain that you will retire at 33? That’s a life hack we’d all like to see posted here. Seriously, no disrespect.

          As for the feed the machine every X interval comment? Yes- we’re in a Zeno’s race of sorts with technofetish lust for entertainment toys as opposed to things we use to have a basic life. Entertainment’s a normal part of life but not when it’s a marketing brainwashing toolset used to rootkit our minds.

          There’s a VERY real potential for realms of subliminal mindhack exploiting in 3D Video or even non-moving 3D pictures. Think of it as fishing in a pond that hooks human minds, it’s a safe bet that marketers WILL be throwing hooks into the new pond from the alpha release.

  4. avrpunk says:

    Eventually the movie industry will only provide a neural interface, and at that point it will become obvious that drugs make more emotional impact than a shitty story with good playback quality.

  5. ferdie says:

    i can do this whit my LG optimus its have beter 3D
    i no this trick for a time the only trick is to put the filter the class of the bril the right why if you put the filter a litle of 3d wil not work

  6. orenbeck says:

    MadSci Labs gets “Proof-of Concept” points for actually doing it. Folks- sometimes being the “prover” is that which needs to jumpstart whole basic fields. Do note my deliberate use of the term “basic field” as opposed to “basic field patent” and that’s for several reasons.

    Yes- we *DO* need to respect existing Patent/Copyright law while it’s still restructuring!

    But just as “Potential” misuse of a technology for violating Patent and/or copyright exists, any such potential does NOT mean that is the only or primary use of such technology.

    I can see several legit uses off the bat-cases where we have 3D media that is IIRC quite open to lawful copying. And- specifying that one could not put the theater supplied glasses over one’s camera phone in a non-theater situation is akin to the car you cannot drive on non-coporate blessed roads. At least to my understanding though IANAL etc applies. Expanding a Patent to areas out of it’s scope was clearly not envisioned when Patent was established as a body of law. Nor was Patent Trolling. As it’s liable to take a HaD posting for Prior Art to defuse trolling at the expense of also denying a potentially legit case for something arguably not so nullified. But still and all- it’s an excellent Hack

    The other tech issue to keep in mind- most of the 3D glasses using passive polarizing materials are Circular Polarized.

  7. meatman says:

    um yeah, did this with my fuji 3d camera back when tron legacy came out and was in the theaters in 3d.

    I did not know that this was new.

  8. MrX says:

    Isn’t this rather obvious?

  9. MrTaco says:

    Yeah, I already did this by popping my 3D glasses over the front of my 3DS back when me and my friends saw Thor. Still have a 3D photo of a screaming Jack Sparrow (trailers) on there.

  10. Stevie says:

    IMAX 3D = win
    All other 3D = fail

  11. tom says:

    Brilliant! I’ve done this in the sony building in tokyo, they had a 3d film there and I’d just bought a fujifilm 3d camera. Stuffing a pair of glasses over the two lenses worked a treat!
    First ever 3d film piracy?

  12. that1guy says:

    Is that a KRK VXT4 in the background?

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