Laser cut 3D sculptures remind us of an old Playstation

[Paul] a.k.a. [VoidFraction] put up the source and documentation for his sculptures made with laser cut polygons.

For computing his triangles, [Paul] developed LcAgl, an algorithm that transforms a 3D model into the AutoCAD file needed to cut a whole bunch of triangles and connectors. This file was shot over to a laser cutter and after a confusing assembly, [Paul] can make just about any low polygon count model he wants.

For his sculptures, [Paul] uses Coroplast, a type of corrugated plastic commonly used in political campaign signs. Coroplast is lightweight and flexible, a bonus when [Paul] is fitting his triangles together. The connecting tabs are made from acrylic – a very rigid material, so the triangles are held tightly in place.

Since the models in most 3D games are just a bunch of polygons anyway, this technique reminds us of the first 3D console games. [Paul]‘s rhino looks like it walked off the set of a low polygon game like Virtua Fighter or Jumping Flash!.


  1. nexekho says:

    Why confusing? Figure out an order to put the pieces together in, and engrave a number on each edge. Go sequentially, find matching numbers, hey, you just mixed the jigsaw and the dot-to-dot!

  2. Paul Kinsky says:

    Exactly, our laser cutter supports vector etching as well as cutting. When the connectors and faces are generated, its complete with laser-etched tags for assembly

  3. KillerBug says:

    This would be great for comic-cons…make yourself look just like your favorite 16-bit character…but held together by plastic strips.

  4. Hackerspacer says:

    Combine this with OGLE and start making pretty much anything from any modern game (World of Warcraft anyone?)

  5. Hackerspacer says:

    Needs to be able to handle quads not just poly meshes.

    Also – Minecraft.

  6. CB4 says:

    This is awesome,
    I was waiting for just this invention.

    I make props and I love the way this will enable me to build new things.
    Not just props but also buildings backdrops and structures.

    I would like to applaud the maker and thank him wholeheartly for his work and even moreso for sharing it with the world :D

  7. zokier says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to have the connectors *inside* the sculpture?

  8. Dan Fruzzetti says:

    I have to agree with everyone shouting “StarFox”

  9. Jeff Wyman says:

    I looked at the polygon acrylic and I thought “hey someone at my school is doing the same thing!” then I find out it IS someone at WPI…


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