Making a privacy monitor from an old LCD


[dimovi] had a spare LCD monitor sitting around and thought it would be great to convert it into a “privacy” monitor.

The process is simple enough for anyone comfortable with disassembling electronics. He took apart the monitor’s plastic frame, cutting out the polarized film with a utility knife. Once the film was removed, he spent some time removing the film adhesive from the glass panel using a combination of Oops cleaner and paint thinner.

He reassembled the monitor, which now shines a bright white regardless of what is actually being displayed on the screen. He removed the lenses from a pair of theater 3D glasses, replacing the plastic with the film he removed from the monitor.

Now, [dimovi] is the only one who can see what’s he is doing on his computer, which is just the way he likes it.

While there’s not a lot of magic going on behind the process, we think it’s a neat way to reuse an old monitor.

91 thoughts on “Making a privacy monitor from an old LCD

  1. Hi..
    Am working on a modification that could work on some laptop screens to allow them to work with circularly polarised glasses ie RealD 3D.

    Seems that the mod is to replace the CCFL with a pair of LED strips with lightproofing on everything but the emitters and a polarised filter along each.
    The tricky part is that the panel also needs to be modified by removal of the rear polariser.
    Best done on a scratched screen, as reversal (ie install panel rear outwards) of the panel will also somewhat work.

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