ANT+ networks using an MSP430 chip and Android phone

[Jbremnant] wanted to try his hand with ANT+ wireless networks. This protocol is designed for light-weight and low-power consumer electronics, like heart rate chest straps and bicycle computers (Garmin brand devices for example). There are already libraries out there for Arduino, but [Jbremnant] found that most of them were written as slave-only code. He set out to use an MSP430 to drive a fully functioning ANT network including a computer and an Android phone.

The TI Launchpad is used as the master node in the network. [Jbremnant] chose the smaller of the two MSP430 processors that came with the dev platform. After starting down this road he realized that chip didn’t have a hardware UART needed to communicate with the SparkFun ANT board (based on the nRF24AP1 radio chip). Rolling with the punches, he used a software UART he had previously worked with. Now he’s able to transmit test data from the Launchpad. It is picked up by both a USB dongle on his computer and the Android phone seen above. Check out his demo video after the break.


  1. Robot says:

    Nice work.

    I’ve been wanting to grab data directly from my PowerTap cycling Watt meter. I’m glad for the primer, especially since I like MSP430 development.

    – Robot

  2. jbremnant says:

    Hi Robot (not a bot?) ;-)
    glad you found it useful. I favor the msp430 dev over other mcu’s as well.

  3. Erm says:

    Why? whats so special about it

  4. rudhal says:

    i have HTC wildfire android can i use it with?

  5. Alok says:

    hey , i want to interface my android with the receiver of my aerial vehicle that uses a x bee module , i.e. i want th e gravity sensor of my android to control my aerial vehicle ….

    help if possible

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