Easy camera tracking with a quadrocopter

[DJ Sures] has been pulling all-nighters lately to get his AR Drone Parrot build off the ground. Now that it’s up and flying around, he managed to get it to follow objects around the room using on board cameras.

For the build, [DJ Sures] used the AR Drone ‘flying video game’ quadrocopter. This toy has two on board cameras that can viewed over wifi. All that’s needed is some interesting software to make things fun. The camera tracking of EZ-Builder software was brought into the mix so the AR Drone can be controlled via object or speech recognition, wiimotes, tablets, or terminals.

[DJ Sures] has come up with some slightly terrifying awesome builds like a Bluetooth Teddy Ruxpin, realistic Wall-E, and an awesome Omnibot 2000 refurb. This is his first flying hack, and the first to fully exploit the camera tracking of the EZ-Builder software. Check out [Sures]‘ copter following him around a room after the break.


  1. arnold says:

    I can’t wait to try this when I get home today.

  2. qwerty says:

    Just add an helium filled ball, a pinball style solenoid bumper on the front and you’ve just created the first flying soccer robotic player.

  3. Wanderer says:

    Now someone needs to combine this build and Siri and we can have Skeets from Booster Gold!

  4. aztraph says:

    That’s Awesome, I want to play catch with it! no wait, I have kids. NM

  5. smoketester says:

    A lot easier than getting my Hearoid to Fly! Awesome.

  6. Jehu says:

    Now all he needs to do is route the video feed through to a HMD and he’s got a 3rd person live view of himself.

  7. ravenflyer says:

    needs to add sonar on the front to keep its distance from the tracked objects. besides that, very cool thingy

  8. Robot says:

    This is pretty great but I am disappointed that the program requires an EZ-B to be connected to the PC. Imagine my disappointment when connecting to the AR Drone only to have EZ-Builder crash. . . Oh well, the EZ-B seems like a great product though it’s not for me.

    – Robot

  9. Bernhard says:

    Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 will be very interessting, because you can use a HD-camera and share the resultes with the community and youtube.

  10. perfectfaceforradio says:

    So… Sorry if this is a dumb question..


    Could this be used to get the drone to follow my car on the ground? Would be great for track days.. GoPro on the car, drone for overhead shots..

  11. ruhullah says:

    i need its full specifications and its price

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