Line-follower is an homage to [Homer]; plans to infringe copyrights

The Chief Knock-a-Homer robot is [Psycho Freaky's] shout out to The Simpsons. The robot design appeared in an episode where [Homer] built [Bart] a fighting robot. Since he’s not robot builder, [Homer] actually climbed inside the shell and dished out sweet vengeance while suffering some severe injuries at the same time.

But [Psycho] has the skills necessary to make this autonomous and keep it looking just like the TV show at the same time. He has a friend with a CNC mill, and used it to cut out case parts from Masonite which were assembled with hot glue. A pair of small servos drive two wheels at the rear of the base, with a ball-bearing universal wheel centered in the front. There are also two downward-pointing sensors which lend it the ability to follow a line as seen in the video after the break.

We love the paint job, it really polishes the look. But [Pyscho] isn’t quite done yet. He plans to add an audio circuit that will give the robot the ability to play back classic sound clips.

[Thanks Tim]


  1. Alex says:

    Hah! Excellent.

  2. Alex says:

    I guess it’s a fairly naive line-following algorithm. :/

  3. bzroom says:

    zoolander robot

  4. PsychoFreaky says:

    Thanks guys!
    He’s a simple robot, but has a lot of character. Just wait till my parts ship in so I can make him talk.

  5. Hirudinea says:

    Not realistic, considering how much Homer drinks he could never follow a straight line.

  6. Askjerry says:

    Simply <AWESOME!

  7. PsychoFreaky says:

    Well that’s it, Knocky is done.
    Checkout the new video of him talking:

    Thanks for following my build!!!

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