Twittertape machine keeps track of your social media stock.

During the gilded age, oil magnates, entrepreneurs, and robber barons would have a ticker tape machine in their study. This machine would print stock and commodity prices and chart these men’s assets climbing higher and higher. A lot has changed in 100 years, as now [Adam] can be kept apprised of what @KimKardashian, @BarackObama and @stephenfry ate for breakfast with his Twittertape machine.

Interestingly, [Adam]‘s build didn’t start off as a tarnished lump of 100-year-old brass; he built his beautiful ticker machine out of old clock movements he picked up on eBay. Even though the shiny part of the build only holds the roll of paper, it’s still a wonderful build. Right now the machine is connected to Ethernet, but he’s planning on adding WiFi and a few batteries for a completely wireless build.

Unlike the other ticker tape machine we saw this week, [Adam] did away with the loud clashing of gears and solenoids found in 100-year-old ticker machines. This ticker machine prints on cash register receipt paper and a very small thermal printer in the base. Although [Adam]‘s build doesn’t sound like two robots trading blows, there’s no ink needed and no danger of the letter wheel becoming misaligned and misspelling everything.

Check out [Adam]‘s build in action after the break.

via reddit


  1. rue_mohr says:

    AHA! finally something I can apply all the guts of old recipt printers to!
    But where to get clocks…

  2. Hirudinea says:

    Its a nice job but the point of using old equipment is to keep them old.

  3. echodelta says:

    It needs to under a birdcage not glass!

  4. Princess Mattaki Star says:

    Neat build. But he seriously could not find a better use for this than following dumb celebrities. For shame.

  5. willywonka321 says:

    I have thought about using a ticker tape machine to display twitter messages for a long time. Even Using one to show text messages when I’m at home. A business could use one for its customers to tweet at.

  6. bankherald says:

    lol – now I can get my Kim Kardashian fix.

  7. Mike says:

    What’s better than disposable and topical social media? Wasting paper by printing it!

  8. I want one for tracking my twitter account!

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