Beautiful wooden case for a portable NES

After building a few portable gaming systems, [Parker] wanted to try something a little different than the usual sleek plastic builds. He decided to go with a nice wooden classic NES. He started by gutting a NOAC or Nintendo On A Chip. The NOAC has already done most of the miniaturization for him, so he was mainly focusing on the portability. While this wasn’t the most extreme mod, it wasn’t just a case swap either. He took great pictures of the process of modifying the screen to work and putting everything together. The final product is fantastic looking.

The first comment we thought was, why is the game facing backward? Due to the shape of the NOAC board, he would have had to either add more depth to the case, or extended and flipped the actual cartridge plug to make the game face forward, so we can understand why he left it alone.


  1. andygoth says:

    I’m a little curious why the same kind of jack appears to have been used for both sound and power. This seems dangerous. I would have used a standard barrel plug for power.

  2. kendall14 says:

    “The first comment we thought was, why is the game facing backward?” Because now it looks like a really nice gameboy!

  3. barryronaldo says:

    I like it :) I think the beefy frame would fit my (adult size) hands well. Aesthetically pleasing too imho.

  4. 1000100 1000001 1010110 1000101 says:


  5. WhatULive4 says:

    This is four years old.

    What is more impressive is his “Project Unity” board

  6. charlie says:

    Might be concerned about heat… otherwise, nicely done!

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