Ask Hackaday: Troll Physics Super Deluxe Edition

Here’s a brain bender for you: YouTube user [Fredzislaw100] put up a video of six LEDs and six switches wired up in series. After soldering a resistor and 9V battery connector, the first switch turns on the first LED, the second switch turns on the second LED, and so on for the rest of the circuit.

We’ve seen this trick before from [Fredzislaw100], only this time he’s moved up from 3 LEDs to 6. In the reveal of the previous trick, [Fredzislaw] built two AC power supplies inside a nine volt battery connector; one high frequency and one low frequency. The low frequency AC line powers the first two LEDs with the help of diodes in the switches and LEDs. The high frequency AC line turns on the third LED with the help of an inductor inside an LED. Apparently [Fredzislaw] still has some soldering skills to show off; the circuit powering this trick is most likely the work of a soldering god.

From a close viewing, it looks like LEDs are wired up in pairs, i.e. LED 1 works the same as LED 2, LED 3 works the same as LED 4, etc. We’ll let Hackaday readers argue it out in the comments as to how this trick is possible.

Tip ‘o the hat to [Th0m4S] for sending this one in.

16 thoughts on “Ask Hackaday: Troll Physics Super Deluxe Edition

  1. probably used an ardunio.

    Looks like the led polarity changes between leds in the string, based on the flat spot on the case.

    1. Last time he did it he hid a couple of frequency generators in the battery holder and each led had an inductor hidden in it for a specific frequency.

    1. This might be intentional,just to throw us off ;)
      I am guessing he used that trick with the lr led,just with more frequencies.

  2. LOL if ever there’s going to be an arguement here. obviously it’s not the Edited Video vs Proven Circuit fight anymore, rather what circuit was used. The 3 LED Troll really got my attention, and I’m thinking this is not much different. Though, yes it has 3 LED’s more, but c’mon. NOW WE KNOW IT”S OBVIOUSLY A CIRCUIT DONE BY A SOLDER NINJA, and not shopped in any way.

      1. You are probably right, he might’ve actually shopped it this time around and make us blow our heads off trying to make a circuit for this Troll.

        It wouldn’t be a troll too if it were the same thing. Or is it?

  3. Looks like LEDs 2, 3, and 4 get brighter as one another are switched on. I also have to wonder whether the order in which he flips them on and off is important.

  4. from the first video we no things are not what you see.first time the led have wire hiden in it and more things you do not see

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