Brewing beer with LEGO

[Matt] sent in a set of YouTube videos walking us through his LEGO Mindstorms controlled brewery.

[Matt] is using a RIMS brewing setup that recirculates and heats the mash to extract more starch from the grain. This results in a Maillard reaction in the mash and creates a richer, maltier flavor.

To control his RIMS setup, [Matt] is using a LEGO Mindstorms brick with a few LEGO temperature sensors attached to his plumbing. The LEGO provides all the temperature and pump control for a proper RIMS setup, perfect for the homebrewer who doesn’t want to bother with an Arduino or other microcontroller board.

As a small aside, the astute Hackaday reader will note our beer hacks category is woefully underpopulated. It’s nearly summer now and the perfect time to start brewing. If you’ve got a beer hack, be sure to send it in.

After the break you can see all of [Matt]‘s RIMS/LEGO brewery videos, or you can check out his YouTube channel.


  1. skitzo2000 says:

    This is an awesome post. There are a lot of active forums for beer making, but not a lot of people documenting the process in a way that makes it easier to understand RIMS systems. I’d love to see some more videos from Matt on how this all works!

  2. urza9814 says:

    Good for someone who doesn’t want to mess with an Arduino? More likely just good for someone who already has one of these LEGO Mindstorms sets — last time I checked the price for those was upwards of $300 USD. The money you’d save with an Arduino would probably be enough to pay someone else to build and program it for you!

  3. Addidis says:

    I think people miss the point. Lego, used to make beer. It would still be awesome if it cost 1000$.

    Lego-beer. There is probably a lego kit to be made here.

  4. Rob says:

    Maybe there will be a LEGO bioreactor/fermentor next!

  5. diS says:

    Looking great!

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