Hackerspace Introduction: 7hills makerspace in Rome Georgia

This place served as a very strong reminder that not all hackerspaces are the same. Housed in a masonic temple, 7hills makerspace is quite different. They are fairly new, having just built out the location in January. I didn’t have a visit planned, and just happened to get lucky enough to catch [John Grout] there doing some screen printing. He agreed to give us a tour on the spot, and I think he did a fantastic job.

The space had most things you could think of aside from the messier and larger manufacturing tools. They had 3d printing, a music editing station, video editing station, electronics stations, a lounge, electronics lab, screen printing and vinyl cutting equipment, and more stuff that I can’t even remember. While they may not have a full sized lathe or welding/grinding equipment, there was a table saw and a few other pieces of equipment tucked away outside the main hall. You also get a glimpse of the robotics arena that is currently being housed there from the local school robotics program.

[John] showed us something that was a new idea to me, but a very good one. They had a project that they called the “hello world of making”. It is a flashlight that involves making a custom circuit board, soldering, 3d printing a case, and laser cutting and engraving the sides of the case. This gives you an introduction to many of the processes in the space.

[John] had a project there that he was willing to show us. This is a sanitation system that would ensure people sanitized their hands before entering or leaving a room in a hospital. This is a subject we’ve actually seen before as it is a common concern.


  1. n0lkk says:

    Looks like a nice space in an interesting location. The location would be an interesting side story, but I can’t find one on their home page.

  2. The location of 7hills Makerspace is 336 Broad Street in Rome, Georgia. Thanks for visiting us, Hack a Day!

  3. monodesigns says:

    That’s just down the road from Ringgold, GA. I should check it out. I’m really holding out for the Chattanooga, TN makerspace to open though. http://chattlab.tumblr.com/

  4. Kevin Keith says:

    I was just going to comment and say, you guys have the most clever name ever! It makes the classicist in me smile :)

    Aventine, Palatine, Capitoline, Esquiline, Caelian, Viminal, Quirinal.

    Sorry, I had to :P

  5. LoveMHz says:

    Wait wait wait! How did I not know about this!!

  6. mostlymac says:

    @monodesigns and @blankgraphics

    I’m also looking forward to a Chattanooga hackerspace. I work at a hardware store outside of St. Elmo and see tons of people looking for various parts for hacking projects. I might have to venture down to Rome to take a look at the 7hills makerspace though. Hope to see you two around at the chattlab whenever it opens!

  7. Pierre says:

    These hackerspace posts are my favourite! Please sir may I have some more?

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments about our space! Our members get together for make-night on Thursdays each week, usually starting around 6pm. We always welcome visitors, so please stop in if you are in the area. Oh, and we had a visit from the great guys at ChattLab some months ago. Excited to see them get rolling in Chattanooga.

  9. Jason Brown says:

    Is that the ACE Hardware on Broad street? That is only a few blocks away from the ChattLab space. I am sure we will be increasing your business by at least a little bit.

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