Building a DIY GPS cube

Originally, [Karman] wanted to build a speedometer for his bike. Feature creep makes fools of us all, so after a month of work [Karman] had a  GPS-enabled cube that tells him his current latitude and longitude, current time, course, direction and speed.

[Karman]‘s GPS cube uses a cheap GPS module, Arduino Mini Pro, a magnificent OLED display, and a LiPo battery salvaged from a first gen iPod nano. Surprisingly, the build is very clean – there are no wires, headers, or random epoxy globs sticking out everywhere. The entire build is just a bit larger than one cubic inch, allowing [Karman] to carry around the power of a GPS device in his pocket.

The code for [Karman]‘s GPS cube uses the TinyGPS library for Arduino, that has a few great functions that track the number of satellites visible and report the current time. Now all that’s left to do is fabricate a case for this awesome little project. As always, video demo after the break.


  1. ino says:

    that’s really nice !

  2. Mark says:

    That’s a fun project – nice job.

  3. HackerK says:

    Nice build!

  4. Scott says:

    Weren’t the batteries in the original iPod nano recalled?

  5. JB says:

    Cool build! Question: does it adjust for DST automatically?

    • KaR]V[aN says:

      No but I think that would be easy to code as you already have current date.

      By the now, for example, I’m +1, but for daylight saving we are currently +2, so i just add 1 in timezone setting.

  6. Steve says:

    Does it have data-logging capabilities? Would it be possible to add a microSD slot in the cube?

  7. Peter P says:

    This would be great for a cat tracker, After reading a few projects of people tracking there cats, I feel like this is purrrrfect :-D. Just need to find a camera solution now

  8. mikekorostelev says:

    Anyone know of a small GSM board that can be used with this? This is really cool

  9. mikekorostelev says:

    Anyone know of a small GSM board with gprs that can be used with this?

  10. soopergooman says:

    wonder if i could take apart a psp gs receiver and recreate the same thing?

  11. kidna says:

    Damn! have been having this idea for months! well done! Now put a stop-watch on it and it will be perfect :)

  12. Joachim says:

    Will it also work with other GPS modules like the popular ST22 ? I got several of these for $20 each at

    I am also wondering if it could adjust the time depending from the time zone you are in. I mean it has the GPS position so it could figure out somehow which timezone it is ?

  13. TiredJuan says:

    What OLED screen are you using?

  14. n0lkk says:

    Nice for more “feature creep”,if licensed, add a TNC along with a transceiver operating on 44.390 MHz. Or a transmit only tracker if one wishes.

  15. Threeck says:

    WOW this is so cool! now put in a usb-out on that so you can view your stats on your PC (with matching maps to further visualize you position) ^^

  16. gr4viton says:

    please try to make a compenion-cube-like case :)
    please please please!

  17. Mental2k says:

    Attaching a GSM module would let you use it to track stuff. Fantastic the whole project is fantastic!

  18. Bhavna says:

    Will it be possible to now plot the coordinates obtained on some map, say google map?

  19. Freddie says:

    The charger conjointly has 2 USB ports that mean if you’ve gotten
    2 devices in want of charging, you don’t want tto wait for oone to finish.
    What this means is always that sound will still only play (whether the product is ringing or else you’re playing
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