Lucid dreaming mask marries economy with comfort

Here’s an effort to make a cheap lucid dreaming mask that is also comfortable. The idea is in response to the goggles we saw in April (which would not be too comfortable to sleep in) and the wildly successful Remee (which has an $80 target price).

The mask itself is sewn from a child’s fleece blanket. Inside is a piece of foam cut from some recreation mat. You know, those squares made for a play area that connect together like a jigsaw puzzle. You may have already spotted the Arduino in the image above, but the project is designed to run from an AVR chip embedded in the foam. The design only uses three LEDs, which may or may not work for you — we’d guess it depends on how they line up with your eyes. The video after the break does a great job of illustrating each point in the construction.

If you’re looking for something less soothing and more recreational you could always try out these trippy goggles.


  1. Mario says:

    an arduino to only flash a led :\

  2. RobinJood says:

    Very cool! I ordered the Remee but who knows when it will finally arrive! This certainly looks more comfortable than some of the other hacks I’ve seen. Certainly a good balance. Just gotta get rid of that wire and use batteries instead!

  3. As a sleep technologist, and an open hardware evangelist I would really like to tinker with it. I hope to add a couple of features here and there.

  4. ModeOne says:

    Atmega for flashing LEDs is like
    taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

    An Attiny is cheaper and will get the job done too.

  5. rue_mohr says:

    haha I think I inspired a submision.
    go makers!

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