Multi-system Nintendo emulator uses stock controllers

The first month of [WoolyDawg5's] summer break went into building one Nintendo emulator to rule them all. He thinks there’s nothing like playing the games on the original controllers, and we agree with him 100%. Here you can see that the cartridge door on this NES enclosure hides the extra connectors he needs.

With that door closed this looks like a stock console, but only from the front. If you take a look at the back of it you’ll see how he pulled this off. There’s a Zotac motherboard whose I/O panel has been fitted into the back. It’s responsible for emulating games for the NES, SNES, and GameCube consoles — we’re sure it can do more but that covers the controller ports seen here. Each port is wired to a USB controller module. The cables for these modules exit the back of the case and plug into the motherboard’s I/O panel. There is WiFi for the board, and that’s what [WoolyDawg] uses for configuration, tunneling into the OS instead of connecting a keyboard or mouse.

Of course you could just shoehorn all-original console hardware into one package to accomplish something like this.

[Thanks KoldFuzion]


  1. dishwater63 says:

    I did the very same a year or so ago. I did as little mod to the case as possible, with the exception of knocking out the bottom bracket for video and PSU cables and removing the original A/V ports for USB ports. Here’s some pictures of the project in process and finished project.

  2. Tyler DiVittorio says:

    While its cool
    snes and nes (posibly gamecube too) use the same type of port its just in a different physical configuration
    so i just put nes ends on my snes controllers (you do have to swap 2 wires i forget the colors)
    and everything neatly plugs into the regular controller port

    i sent in my emulater in a nes about a year ago but Hack A Day had no interest.

  3. Giles says:

    Surely there are internal USB headers on the motherboard? Or at least a small USB HUB to save having all the wires around the back, ruins it i think, so very close to be awesome, just tidy up the back :D

    • smilr says:

      looking through the build pictures he posted, there is one clear shot of the motherboard before he mounted it in the case. It clearly shows a pair of internal USB headers. While it may have been even more cramped – it should have been possible to squeeze a small usb hub hardwired to one of those headers inside.

      Even without going that far – this is an impressive build!

  4. nah! says:

    to avoid such a cable mess on the backside god invented internal usb ports

  5. stithyoshi says:

    Hey, just wanted to point out that those are N64 ports, not GCN. Neat mod, nonetheless!

  6. mojo-chan says:

    Is it me or doesn’t he say what USB NES/SNES converters he is using?

  7. tyler divittorio says:
  8. BobSmith says:

    N64, not gamecube.

  9. ForlornHopeHarper says:

    Why doesn’t someone offer mini-Atx cases like this?

  10. Andy says:


  11. says:

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