N64 in an N64 controller

We’ve seen portable N64s before, but none were at the level of [Bungle]’s oversized N64 controller casemod.

Instead of the usual ‘sanding Bondo and gluing styrene’ method we’ve seen in other casemods, [Bungle] decided to make a silicone mold with a positive master. Not only did [Bungle] end up with a case indistinguishable from something produced in a factory, but the molding process left him with more internal room and the ability to make identical duplicates of his over sized controller.

The electronics are the standard fare – a slightly modified N64 with a PSone LCD screen. Because the rumble and memory packs are built in to the body of the gigantic controller, [Bungle] added a multifunction pak to provide ports for power, brightness controls, a/v, and a second controller.

This is an amazing build that really steps up the game for console modders. You can check out [Bungle]’s demo video after the break.

Thanks [Raizer04] for sending this one in.

12 thoughts on “N64 in an N64 controller

    1. If the joystick was in the middle as on the original tri-wing controller, I’d have to hold it by the center and right wing, making my view of the screen crooked! :p

    2. Yeah that bugged me too. If he thinks it’s the “greatest controller ever made”, why did he feel compelled to ruin it’s reason for being different? I wonder where he put the Z-button…

  1. If you jump to the blog then note that it’s only page 5, there are a total of 9 pages of build photos and comments containing an incredible wealth of information. This is an astonishingly good build (it’s got me thinking about all sorts of projects I want to try myself) but Bungle’s efforts to document the whole process from day 1 is what really makes this one stand out.

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