Adding an OLED to a LEGO set

Sure, as a very powerful and influential LEGO dictator you’re more than able to make the trains run on time, but how do you make your LEGO citizens realize the benefits of living under your regime? With an OLED LEGO train schedule, of course! [Dan] over at Adafruit put together a great guide to interfacing a very small OLED display to a LEGO setup, perfect for displaying which trains are on schedule and not displaying which trains are heading to a ‘camp.’

The build uses a 96×64 RGB OLED display that is just under an inch in size. After connecting the display to an Arduino, [Dan] crafted a bezel and mounted it inside a LEGO brick wall. Seems like just the thing for the Adafruit LEGO set.

Of course, the tiny Adafruit OLED display can be used for much more than showing the train schedule at a LEGO train station. We imagine this could be put to use in an awesome model train layout or even a small plastic security checkpoint.


  1. barry99705 says:

    Heh. Playmobile naked scanners…

  2. Robot says:

    This great. . . good copy on this one Brian.

  3. Hirudinea says:

    This would also make a great tv for the lego bar.

  4. Ac says:

    That trains ever ran on time in fascist Italy is an oft-repeated myth, FYI.

  5. KillerBug says:

    He should make it play a “see something, say something” video. I wonder if he has some baby Lego people so the TSA agents can search the diapers.

  6. Ren says:

    LEGO OLED, not a palindrome, not an alliteration…

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