RickRolled by RedBull

As you’ve already seen, we’ve been invited to participate in the Redbull creation contest. While we were deep into our work today, hacking things apart and soldering things together while trying not to blow ourselves up, we received a second package! It had a hand written note explaining that this was the last of its type, reserved for only the most awesome teams. We got the very last one.

In this box was another bullduino. This one had a shield on it with a fancy display in the middle and a few scattered LEDs. Upon plugging it in, we were greeted with a “simon” style game that you can play using the resistive touch pads on the pcb. You can see the result in the video above. Also, my nose doesn’t work very well, but my wife informed me that the red bull mail smelled like bacon. I’m unsure if this was intentional or not.

Our project is coming long nicely. Preliminary tests today yielded fantastic results with minimal sub dermal hematoma. We look forward to unveiling this beast to the public. Stay tuned!


  1. MorbiousStone says:


  2. oodain says:

    kudos redbull

  3. Charlie says:

    +1 goes to Red Bull!!! That’s gotta be the most work I’ve seen going into rick rolling someone.. LOL

  4. tenfingers says:

    It could be the theme song for hackaday…
    never gonna give, never gonna give,
    never gonna give up arduinos.

  5. AJ says:

    You mean capacitive touch pads, right?

  6. Johnny O. Farnen says:

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

  7. Paul Klemstine says:

    Is the bacon smell from the laser cut cardboard? Mine smelled funny too.

  8. WestfW says:

    Who did the Close Captioning on the video? It says “transcribed”, but it’s WAY far off…

  9. RobinJood says:

    I love how redbull get so involved with everything they do. They push the awesome bar. I remember a few years ago they had a flash game for winning tickets to their event and they’d spent a tonne of effort on it. Then all the events. Plus redbull gives me wings. So big thumbs up to redbull. To a degree this is a stunt to get more exposure via HaD but who cares, this is exactly the stuff we love!

  10. fastbags says:

    I always accept blatant advertising of this sort with open arms because the company doing it really understand their fans. Plus, any business that trolls it’s market is my hero.

  11. Anka06 says:

    This is funny!

  12. Coda says:

    Please put it on ebay when you’re done…

  13. TopHatHacker says:
  14. Well, if anyone would have time for something like this it would be the people at Redbull because they obviously don’t sleep.

  15. Roger Wilco says:

    Red bull sponsor stuff I wouldn’t think they would like the vitilla games in dr

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