Dollar store Terminator replica

Okay, now we think [James] is just on a mission to see what he can build using the dollar store as his parts bin. This is the nearly finished replica of the cyborg skeleton from the Terminator franchise. It’s made mostly from things that cost $0.99.

Actually we’ve got that a bit wrong. [James] is really shopping at the £0.99 store but the concept is basically the same. He’s already shown us that he’s a pro at this with the arc reactor replica we recently saw from him. This time around a set of speakers donate their enclosures to build up the spinal column supporting the skull. Fittingly these are glued together using a hot glue gun from the store. The sides of the skull are carefully crafted from a set of four plastic bowls. The jaw comes together thanks to the corners of a plastic box’s lid. And finally the majority of the face is from a golden skull costume mask. Spray it all grey and pop in some LEDs for the eyes and he’s done it! He show’s off his final creation in the video after the break.

16 thoughts on “Dollar store Terminator replica

  1. … and before you know it, he will have his own public access TV show making funny comments during bad movies.

  2. Motherf***er! This guy is amazing! Just one comment , sometimes you see chattering teeth in the Dollar store, they’ed look better than the teeth he made, but DAMN, Amazing!

      1. Yea, that’s the “fun” of the Dollar/Pound Store, you never know what you’ll get. So what’s next, I can’t wait!

  3. replica of the cyborg skeleton from the Terminator franchise

    replica of a well made but generic cyborg skeleton built cleverly with mostly $1.50 store parts

    1. Yes, they don’t sell movie accurate Terminator Endoskeleton parts in the £1 shop – the aim was to make as many of the characteristic features as possible with found items.

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