Turning the red bull cannon to assault mode

Once we got our official entry into the red bull creation contest finished and submitted, we figured we might as well kick things up a notch just for giggles. We set up a firing range in the basement at Squidfoo and positioned “herbert”, a mannequin that was left over in the building from a previous tenant, in the sights.

We discovered two things:
1. it is hard to aim this thing precisely. We should have found a laser to affix to the barrel.
2. “Herbert” is the toughest mannequin in the universe. He barely had a chip on him even from point blank range!


  1. tjb says:

    Point blank to the nether regions, ouch!

  2. chango says:

    Violence, danger, heavily caffeinated beverages, Rick Astley, free Arduinos, groinal injuries… What’s not to love?

  3. rue_mohr says:

    ‘most dangerous beverage delivery system ever’

  4. randomdude says:

    not to be a dick but your gun isn’t exactly very advanced nor has impressive performance – you should have asked ppl from spudfiles for help

    • charles says:

      No. Just no. Absolutely no hybrid cannons. It is fun to think about but it’s a foolish game. Better just to make real cannons with blackpowder than the crap they do.

      • randomdude says:

        lol I don’t think there is any advantage in using a hybrid over a pneumatic in this case – even a low mix hybrid could destroy the cans/ammo before they leave the barrel

        Though I can tell that your gun could use a better valve – this one is just way too small

        What is worse there is a bell reducer on the barrel – bell reducers are NOT pressure rated – they are DWV(drain waste vent)so they are expected to normaly handle like 15 psi in normal use

        Sure it might not fail, as your gun operates at very low pressures thx to that smallish valve you’ve got, but vast majority of failures and accidents that have occured on PVC cannons can be attributed to use of DWV parts

  5. Todd says:

    Cool project. I liked the idea of the parachutes on the previous one, but it did lack the destruction!

  6. Threeck says:

    What a waste of Red Bulls.

  7. Richard A. says:

    I _must_ know where you got that music track from. It’s great! (Seriously)

    • charles says:

      I agree.

      Oh and herbert is a beast. Maybe because he is soft and squishy? My favorite ammunition for air cannons is ice bolts, molded in a redbull can. Fits perfectly down a 2″ pipe and is self lubricating. It is trivial to break old 2×4 material with those, so this is pretty close to the shenanigans I am used to.

  8. we destroyed some things in our attempt for the Red Bull Creation contest as well…

  9. Hirudinea says:

    “Red Bull gives you a nut shot!” Nah, I don’t think that will replace the old slogan, although it looked wicked!

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