Custom Starcraft controller

This Starcraft controller was designed as a contest entry. The goal of the contest was to provide a custom controller for the Starcraft Real-Time-Strategy game that shared some of the features seen in First Person Shooter controllers.

The design started as rough sketches. From the there button layout was prototyped before actually building a virtual model of the entire controller. A rendering of the model was submitted as a contest entry, and we’re glad it was also seen through to a physical device. This involved sending the design files off for 3D printing. What came back was painted and assembled to achieve the beautiful look seen above.

On the right is a stick that acts as the mouse controller. The buttons on the left are just the most necessary of Starcraft control keys. They all map to the appropriate keyboard keys and the device enumerates as an HID keyboard so no button mapping is necessary. That being said, a player does have the option of remapping if the layout doesn’t suit.

[Via Reddit with more info at Shoryuken]

11 thoughts on “Custom Starcraft controller

  1. Hmmm I think the contest was to build a sc2 controller similar to arcade fighting game controllers, not FPS controllers.

  2. The picture above does not do this justice. It is really pretty. I think it’s the acrylic top plate that detracts from the awesomeness of the rest. It just doesn’t fit with the tron look.

  3. What I am interested in is how to actually get the key signals to the computer!

    I know that it uses USB output, but what IC does it use… what is it coded in?

    I would love it if it was Arduino.

    1. check out the arduino Leonardo. It can do this :) plenty of other things can do it too, but if arduino is what you are after, that’s the board you want.

      1. I think it’s also possible on uno rev3.0 by flashing the “usb-serial-chip” (can’t remember the name), with a modified binary.

  4. Great to see Imgur being used for something besides memes for once. I love how we see a bit of each process. I would love one of these for a Diablo or WoW controller.

  5. What do I need this for when I haven’t even worked up the guts to click that “Play placement matches”-button yet :P

    Nicely done though :)

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